UFC on FOX 5 Betting Results

Well it turned out to be not as bad as UFC 154, but still not making a profit.

Lost 1 unit each on:

Won on:
Henderson 1.6
Brown 2.15
Siver 1.34
Easton 1.48

Thus bringing the total loss to: -1.43 units

I was really looking for the Rua knockout, he was throwing bombs all night, but the long reach of Gustafsson proved to be too much. Penn looked like a little kid fighting a man and didn’t really get any good offense. For guys like Penn, it makes sense that the math may not work well. Since I’m relying primarily on historical information and he’s moving up a weight class and hasn’t fought in a while, it may be a bad situation to try to use it.

Anyways I’m seeing some really promising things in terms of where I should and shouldn’t place bets so I will adjust my betting style a little bit for next weekends UFC on FX: Sotiropoulos vs. Pearson on December 14 and The Ultimate Fighter Finale: Team Carwin vs Team Nelson.

Looking forward to the heavyweight tilt between Matt Mitrione and Roy Nelson as well as the fight between Shane Del Rosario and Patt “HD” Barry. I will have my picks up later this week.

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