UFC 155: Dos Santos vs Velasquez II Results

UFC 155 went down just over a week ago and it seems like it may have been a break through for my model. That, or I got really lucky. Out of 9 predictions, 8 were correct, including Cain Velasquez’s triumph over Junior Dos Santos to reclaim the UFC heavyweight title.

Total profit had you placed all my recommended bets is 6.24 units. A pretty decent showing although one could argue it is just a lucky card. Both Holloway and Wineland took their wins by split decision which is always nerve racking when you have money on one of the fighters.

My plan for 2013 is to keep a running total of my profitability. A winning percentage of 88% (8/9) is unlikely for the year, but somewhere around 70-80% could still lead to significant profits should the model do well at picking underdogs. If that turns out to be the case, I will probably limit my bets on favourites to some threshold (say 1.5 to 1) in order to minimize losses where the potential gain is small.

I will be back with UFC on FX: Belfort vs Bisping predictions in a few days. I am looking forward to seeing Bisping fight for the opportunity to fight Silva for the middleweight championship.

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