UFC on FX: Belfort vs Bisping Predictions

The first UFC event of 2013 comes up this Sunday and this will be the first card of 2013 where I’m betting full units! I was skeptical how the model would perform with just Strikeforce fights last weekend and I was correct to not bet full units as I was only correct on 1 out of 3 fights where all bets were placed on favourites.

First up, in the main event, we have Vitor Belfort vs Michael Bisping. In this intriguing match-up where Bisping will get a middleweight title shot vs Anderson Silva if he wins, I have Vitor Belfort winning. He is only a slight favourite in the model however, so I wouldn’t bet the house on him winning when the return at the moment is only 1.9 to 1. I place a 1 unit bet on Belfort at 1.8 to 1.

Secondly, we have a heavyweight tilt between Ben Rothwell and Gabriel Gonzaga. Gonzaga is on a two fight win streak with one of those wins coming in the UFC. He has been a middle of the pack heavyweight for the last 6 or 7 years. He is facing off against Ben Rothwell. The 31 year old Rothwell came into the UFC after having quite a bit of success in the IFL. He knocked out Brendan Schaub in his last fight and possesses lots of power in his hands. The model has Gonzaga taking this one by quite a big margin. I placed a 1 unit bet on Gonzaga at 1.8 to 1.

Finally, we have Nick Lentz vs Diego Nunes. The model has Nunes as a significant favourite so I placed a 1 unit bet at 1.6 to 1.

Belfort at 1.8 to 1
Gonzaga at 1.8 to 1
Nunes at 1.6 to 1

Here are the latest odds for the card:


One thought on “UFC on FX: Belfort vs Bisping Predictions

  1. what like he did last time you Sonnen haters make me laugh at least he’ll fight annyoe anywhere, who else would step up and fight Silva in Brazil its pretty ballsy really and should be a great fight regardless of the result but last time was no fluke and if u all believe Silvas bullshit about a sore rib then your as dumb as he is this fight will be the same as the last one Sonnen will take whatever punishment he has too to get silva to the ground I swear if Sonnen wins youll all be shutting up so quickly it will be hillarious, why knock back a fight four times cause he dont want the fight if Silva smashes him(which he should of done already) then Sonnen is done gone finshed he will never get another shot while Silva is the champ so I dont gte why Silva hasnt already taken this fight smsashed him like you all seem to think he will even though last time he had to win by a hail mary triangle in the 5th, come onj guys what do you think Sonnen would have been working on all this time submission defence and he’s gonna need it but to say Sonnen will get wiped out is a joke Silva is just a man but i swear on this site youall make him out to be a god or some shit, look up u tube and watch him get tapped by a Jap guy cant remember his name but he’s been beat to in this sport if you havent been beaten you just havent fought the right guy yet.

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