UFC on Fuel TV 8: Silva vs Stann (AKA UFC Japan) Results

It was a great night for our model as the fighters took to the cage in Saitama, Japan. Some of the fights dragged on a little bit, but there was also an action packed main event and a slug fest co-main event. Overall though, we walked away with a 4.99 unit profit and a 5-1 record. A great showing and brings our record to 10-3 in the last 2 events.

In the main event, we had Wanderlei Silva defeating Brian Stann. We were in the minority with this pick for sure, but it paid off as the fight turned in to just the sort of brawl Wanderlei likes. The first round was absolute madness with both fighters landing and dropping each other at various points. Stann left the round looking worse for wear, but also finished the round on top possibly securing the points win. In the second round it was a little slower, but more of the same until Wanderlei clipped Stann with a punch and took home the victory. This fight won us 2.4 units.

In the co-main event, we had Stefan Struve to defeat Mark Hunt. At times the fight looked like it could go either way, but Hunt proved that even when he is tired he still packs a mean punch when he was able to break Struve’s jaw with a left in the third round. This fight lost us 1 unit.

In a very debatable decision, but great for us and the model, Diego Sanchez defeated Takanori Gomi. The decision won us 0.38 units, but Takanori Gomi seems like he could be a model breaker as we lost on him when he faught Mac Danzig on November 10, 2012.

In our last bet of the main card, Yushin Okami was able to use his wrestling and grappling to mitigate Hector Lombard. It wasn’t dominance, but it was enough to earn him the split decision victory (tons of those on this card!) and brought us home a nice 1.85 units.


Silva defeats Stann. +2.4 units
Hunt defeats Struve. -1.0 units
Sanchez defeats Gomi. +0.38 units
Okami defeats Lombard. +1.85 units
Tavares defeats Fukuda. +0.87 units
Mizugaki defeats Caraway. +0.49 units

Event Result: +4.99 units, an 83% return on the 6 units bet

We will be back with our UFC 158 picks later this week or early the following week. Our model is on a 10-3 run in the last 2 events, laying some credence to its accuracy.

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