UFC 162: Silva vs Weidman Results

UFC 162 went down last night from the UFC’s backyard in Las Vegas, Nevada and it will go down in our minds as one of the most memorable cards of all time. We were able to earn a decent profit of 1.68 units on the 5 units we bet for a return of 33%.

We have to discuss the main event first. Silva looked to be the better man on the feet at many points. He was on his back for a significant part of the first round and took some decent shots from Weidman. For much of the fight, he was doing the typical Silva show boating with his hands down and pretending to be shaky legged. The fight finished with Weidman catching Silva with a left to the jaw while Silva was leaning back doing his best Matrix impression. Silva went down hard and the challenger capitalized with some ground and pound to finish the champ. Chris Weidman becomes the man who ends Silva’s 7 year reign as UFC middleweight champion and Silva’s record 15 fight UFC win streak. This victory freshens up the UFC’s middleweight division and opens up the possibility of multiple guys who Silva defeated getting another chance at the belt. This fight earned us a nice profit of 4.68 units.

In a fight where we had Gracie as a significant favourite, as an underdog, Tim Kennedy defeated Roger Gracie via unanimous decision. Surprisingly, Kennedy seemed willing to engage the high level jiu jitsu of Gracie on the ground and he was actually able to out maneuveure Gracie on the ground. It was a very impressive performance by Kennedy and liekly puts him squarely in the UFC top 10 middleweights with a title shot on the horizon should he pick up a couple more big victories. We lose 2 units on this fight.

In our final bet of the night, Chris Leben was defeated by Andrew Craig. In general, Leben’s wild striking was not enough to get through the technical defense of Craig. Leben struggled in all aspects of the game though, including being punished with knees in the clinch and being taken down twice while earning none. We lose 1 unit on this fight.

Honourable mentions go out to Frankie Edgar and Gabriel Gonzaga. Edgar had an incredible third round vs Charles Oliveira to solidify his unanimous decision victory. Both Edgar and Oliveira fought at a blistering pace for all 15 minutes and we will be looking forward to seeing both these guys compete again! As for Gonzaga, we had Herman defeating him, but decided not to place a bet as there was limited data available for Herman. Gonzaga proved that we made the correct decision when he emphatically knocked Herman out 15 seconds into their fight!

Bet Results

Weidman over Silva. 4.68 unit profit
Craig over Leben. 1 unit loss
Kennedy over Gracie. 2 unit loss

Other Results

Correct Picks: Edgar, Swanson, Munoz, Barboza, Pierce
Incorrect Picks: Herman

Event Profit: 1.68 units
Event Return: 33.6%
Bets Record: 1-2
Picks Record: 6-3

Next up, UFC on Fox: Johnson vs Moraga on July 27, then UFC 163: Aldo vs Jung on August 3 to kick off a super busy month of August for the UFC. We will be back in the next week or so with our early UFC on Fox predictions and our UFC 163 main event pick.

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