UFC on Fox 8: Johnson vs Moraga Results

UFC on Fox 8 went down today we’re here with the results. Overall, we lost 0.16 units and were 3/5 with our picks. Not great numbers, but on a positive note, the fights we lost were those we were least confident in.

The main event fight was a typical flyweight fight. Lots of strikes thrown, lots of takedowns, but very little power and finishing ability shown. The champion, Demetrious Johnson, took little damage in defeating John Moraga via fifth round submission. Johnson looked impressive, landing 10 successful takedowns on the challenger and spending the vast majority of the fight in control. Since this was only Moraga’s third octagon appearance, we were unable to provide a prediction.

In a lacklustre fight, Rory MacDonald took care of business in his decision victory over Jake Ellenberger. MacDonald seems to be fighting the GSP way moreso than ever, doing just enough to earn the victory, but not taking risks to try and finish the fight.

In Tim Means vs Danny Castillo, we had the heavy favourite Castillo. Castillo spent the majority of the first round in top position, trying multiple times for the “can opener.” Means was able to use his reach to land a couple good strikes on the feet, but no major damage was done. Round 2 was spent mostly on the feet with Danny Castillo trying to get inside on the long-limbed Tim Means. There was a lack of notable offense in round 2 besides the late takedown and top control that came with it for Castillo. Means had the more efficient offense in round 3. He landed multiple great knees as well as landing on top after Castillo attempted the takedown. All 3 judges scored the fight 29-28 for Danny Castillo.

In the lightweight division, Guillard vs Danzig was our second bet of the night. Guillard dominated the first round, seemingly landed at will on a game Mac Danzig. The second round was more of the same until Guillard landed a nasty combo that knocked Danzig silly. Some sick GNP by Guillard put Danzig to sleep and gave Guillard the huge win. The win by Guillard profits us 1.34 units on our 1.5 unit bet.

In Edwards vs Cruickshank, Edwards continuously pushed the action, but Cruickshank landed the more effective strikes overall. It was a lower paced bout than the previous one between Herman and Smith and had a lack of any memorable strikes. The decision went the way of Cruickshank with two judges scored it 30-27 his way and one judge scoring it 30-27 for Edwards. This was the second time of the night (also in Herman/Smith) that judges scored a fight 30-27 opposite ways. This clearly demonstrates that judges are looking for different things and not following a unified standard like they should be.

Smith vs Herman ended up being an all out war. Both men landed incredibly hard strikes in the first round and both were wobbly-legged on multiple occassions. The action slowed down slightly in the later rounds, especially for Smith who appeared visibly tired. The judges got it right when they scored a split decision victory for Ed Herman. Although close, we lost our 1.5 unit bet on this fight.

Opening up the night was Yaotzin Meza taking on an overweight John Albert. We didn’t place a bet on this fight, but it is interesting because it looked like midway through the second, Albert just gave up. Whether it was his cardio, or just not having his heart in it, it was a brutal move and will likely lead to his dismissal from the UFC. Meza was able to capitalize, earning a second round rear naked choke win.

Bet Results

Guillard over Danzig via second round tko. Profit of 1.34 units
Herman over Smith via split decision. Loss of 1.5 units

Other Predictions

MacDonald over Ellenberger. Correct
Castillo over Means via unanimous decision. Correct
Cruickshank over Edwards via split decision. Incorrect

Other Results

Johnson over Moraga via fifth round submission
Masvidal over Chiesa via second round submission
De Randamie over Kedzie via split decision
Salas over Riley via split decision
Meza over Albert via second round submission

Next up is UFC 163 which takes place next Saturday live from Brazil on pay-per-view.

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