UFC Fight Night 33: Results and Betting Recap

UFC Fight Night 33 went down today from Brisbane, Australia and what a main event we were treated to. The main event kind of overshadowed Shogun’s seeming resurgence and Bader’s absolute domination of Perosh. Our net result was -3.35 units, but it could have easily been a positive night if we had got 1 more point from one of the judges in the main event.

Our final bet of the night was in the main event where we had Mark Hunt to defeat Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva. In the best fight we have witnessed in years, the fighters fought to a majority draw and our bet is wiped out. One judge did have Hunt winning, so it was close to a profitable night for us. Do yourself a favour and find some way to watch this fight because it really is one of the best of all time.

Our second and third bets of the night were Pat Barry to defeat Soa Palelei (3 units at 1.69 to 1) and the fight to be under 1.5 rounds (5 units at 1.53 to 1). The good news was the fight ended very quickly with Palelei destroying Barry with vicious ground and pound. Unfortunately, that meant our bet on Barry lost so the net result is we lose 0.35 units.

Our first bet of the night was Richie Vaculik to defeat Justin Scoggins. We placed 3 units on Vaculik at 2.85 to 1. Unfortunately, the late line movement that drove Vaculik up to 4.10 to 1 was correct. Scoggins made quick work of Vaculik, getting on top early and eventually taking the back of Vaculik and earning the TKO victory. We lose 3 units.

We’ll be back early this week with our picks and bets for UFC on Fox 9: Johnson vs Benavidez.

Betting Results

Hunt and Silva fight to a majority draw so our 5 unit bet on Hunt is cancelled.
Palelei over Barry via first round TKO. We lose 0.35 units on our 2 bets.
Scoggins over Vaculik via first round TKO. We lose 3 units

Other Results

Rua over Te Huna via first round KO
Bader over Perosh via unanimous decision
Hester over Andrews via second round TKO (injury)
Correia over Kedzie via split decision
Mizugaki over Phan via unanimous decision
Magalhaes over Ring via unanimous decision
Jotko over Santos via unanimous decision
Garcia over Wall via first round KO

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