UFC 170: Rousey vs McMann Results and Betting Recap

UFC 170: Rousey vs McMann went down tonight from the Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas, Nevada. What didn’t appear to be the greatest card on paper actually ended being an exciting card (doesn’t that always seem to happen). For us, we added 3.22 units to our overall profit, going 4-2 on our bets. If you haven’t checked out Reed Kuhn’s Fightnomics it is packed with ridiculous amounts of MMA stats and is just $10 or so if you buy the Kindle version on Amazon.

We had two bets riding on the main event. Firstly, we had the second leg of our Davis/Rousey parlay. Secondly, we had a 1.5 unit bet on the under 1.5 rounds which was at 2.40 to 1 when we placed the bet. The girls came out swinging, it looked like McMann was getting the better of the initial boxing. Lucky for us though, Rousey pinned McMann up against the cage and after a short period in the clinch, landed a devastating knee to the body which dropped McMann. Referee Herb Dean stepped in a little quickly and stopped the fight. On our under 1.5 rounds bet, we profit 2.10 units and on the second leg of our Rousey/Davis parlay, we profit 2.06 units.

Our co-main event bet was on the under with the debuting Patrick Cummins taking on the #3 heavyweight in the world Daniel Cormier in the light heavyweight division. This bet was 1.5 units at 2.25 to 1. Cormier made our bet pay off immediately, landing multiple huge strikes to a game Cummins. We profit 1.88 units.

The next bet was TJ Waldburger to defeat Mike Pyle. Our bet was 2 units at 2.92 to 1, but by fight time, the line on Waldburger had fallen to 2.60 to 1. Both men came to fight in this one, but surprisingly, TJ actually did better on the feet for the first two rounds. In the third though, Pyle started to land strikes on the tired Waldburger, eventually knocking him down and getting the finish. We lost our 2 unit bet.

Our next bet of the night was Robert Whittaker to defeat Josh Thompson. It was our biggest bet of the night, 3 units at 2.11 to 1. Unfortunately, this one didn’t pay off as Thompson was able to get the round 1 knockout victory. We lost our 3 unit bet.

The first leg of our second parlay was Alexis Davis to defeat Jessica Eye. Round 1 was very close and mostly fought on the feet. Eye may have got the better of it, but Davis got a take down at the end of the round that could have won it for her on the judges score cards. Round 2 saw Davis expose the terrible ground game of Eye. She spent the entire round on top and in complete control. In the third, the advantage shifted to Eye. Eye landed the more effective strikes. It came down to who won the first round. 2 judges scored it for Davis and the first leg of our second parlay is safe!

The first leg of our first parlay was the the debuting Aljamin Sterling to defeat the also debuting Cody Gibson. First round clearly went Aljamin’s way as he got Gibson’s back at one point and the striking was pretty even. The second round was more even with Gibson pressing Sterling up against the fence for a big part of the round. The third round was all Sterling as he almost locked up a front choke in the middle of the round and a rear naked at the end of the round. The judges got it right scoring the fight for Sterling and the first leg of our first parlay was good. The second leg of our first parlay was Raphael Assuncao to defeat Pedro Munhoz. Round 1 saw Assuncao completely dominant on the feet, landing far more strikes and taking little damage. The second round saw more domination from Assuncao. Not enough to warrant a 10-8, but definitely enough to take the round with the judges. The third followed the same trend as the first two. As we anticipated pre-fight, Assuncao looked dominant throughout. All 3 judges got it right in scoring it 30-27 for Assuncao and we profit 2.18 units on our parlay.


Good Bets

Under 1.5 rounds – Rousey vs McMann (+2.10 units)
Rousey, Davis parlay (+2.06 units)
Under 1.5 rounds – Cormier vs Cummins (+1.88 units)
Assuncao, Sterling parlay (+2.18 units)

Lost Bets

Waldburger over Pyle (-2.00 units)
Whittaker over Thompson (-3.00 units)

Event Record: 4-2
Event Profit: 3.22 units

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