UFC 171: Hendricks vs Lawler Results and Betting Recap

UFC 171: Hendricks vs Lawler went down tonight and we were not left disappointed. Not only did our bets work out great, going 4-1 for +10.25 units, but we saw a new UFC welterweight champion crowned in an early fight of the year candidate. Without further adue here’s our betting results!

To close out our second parlay we had Johny Hendricks to defeat Robbie Lawler. The first round saw Johny Hendricks in full control, landing more strikes and also spending some time pushing Lawler against the cage. Round 2 saw more of the same with Hendricks picking apart Lawler. Lawler seemed to block most of the damaging strikes, but there was still a bunch landed. Round 3 saw the tide turned. Lawler spent about 30 seconds in dominant control with Hendricks wobbly, but somehow Hendricks stayed up and continued to land for the remainder of the round. Round 4 saw Lawler landing more strikes for the most part, but Hendricks landed a takedown at the end of the round which may or may not have won it with the judges. Round 5 saw Johny Hendricks picking up his pace. He landed combination after combination and spent the last couple minutes in top control. The judges scored it right (for once) giving Hendricks the win 48-47 on all three score cards. Hendricks becomes the NEW UFC welterweight champion with the victory and we profit 2.82 units on our bet.

Our second parlay of the night was on Myles Jury and Johny Hendricks to win their respective fights. The bet was 3 units at 1.94 to 1. First up was Myles Jury to defeat Diego Sanchez. Jury used technical striking and great fight IQ to keep Diego Sanchez and avoid the trademarked Diego Sanchez rock ’em sock ’em robots type of fight. Neither fighter was ever really in danger of being finished, but it was an easy decision for the judges to make as they awarded it to Jury 30-27×2 and 29-28. We had Johny Hendricks to succeed Georges St Pierre by winning the welterweight title in the main event.

In the co-main event, we had Tyron Woodley to defeat Carlos Condit. Our bet was 3 units at 2.58 to 1. By fight time, the line on Woodley had risen to 2.85 to 1. Woodley did a good job of landing powerful strikes in the first round. Condit showed off a great beard though absorbing everything Woodley threw at him. In the second round, it looked like Condit got injured on a Woodley takedown. Woodley landed a leg kick that sent Condit spinning and Condit went down in a heap. We profit 4.74 units.

Our third bet of the night was on Jake Shields and Hector Lombard to fight for less than 1.5 rounds. The bet here was 1.5 units at 2.70 to 1 and was more of a value bet on the steep line and the assumption that Lombard was likely to finish it quickly if he was going to win. The bet looked good as Lombard blitzed and landed strikes at will early in the fight, knocking Shields down a couple times. Unfortunately for our bet, Shields survived and the fight lasted more than a round and a half. Lombard ended up taking a unanimous decision victory. We lost 1.5 units.

Our second bet of the night was on Ovince St Preux and Nikita Krylov to fight for less than 1.5 rounds. The bet was 1.5 units at 1.95 to 1. St Preux immediately got a takedown and made Krylov pay for holding on to a guillotine as he got a submission via a Von Flue choke. We profit 1.43 units.

The first leg of our first parlay was Dennis Bermudez to defeat Jimy Hettes. The bet was a 3 unit parlay on Bermudez and Andrade at 1.92 to 1. Bermudez came out like a man on fire, being all over Hettes for the entire first round. He landed at least 4, maybe 5 takedowns, but didn’t manage, or seem to try to hard to hold Hettes down. Second round was mostly similar except at the end when Hettes managed to get Bermudez’s back. Bermudez was able to stand up as the round ended and we felt the round easily went to Bermudez as he almost finished Hettes via strikes mid-round. The third round saw Bermudez on top for a significant portion. Eventually, Bermudez lets Hettes stand up and on the feet it was all Bermudez. After falling several times, the judge ended it awarding Bermudez the TKO finish. The second leg of the parlay was Jessica Andrade to defeat Raquel Pennington. In a fast paced women’s fight, Andrade got the better of Pennington for the most of 2 rounds, but the third round we had Pennington winning. The judges saw it the same was as us with 2 of them awarding the fight to Andrade. We profit 2.76 units.

Good Bets
Hendricks/Jury Parlay. 3 units at 1.94 to 1 (+2.82 units)
Woodley over Shields. 3 units at 2.58 to 1 (+4.74 units)
Under 1.5 Rounds – St Preux/Krylov. 1.5 units at 1.95 to 1 (+1.43 units)
Bermudez/Andrade Parlay. 3 units at 1.92 to 1 (+2.76 units)

Lost Bets
Under 1.5 – Shields/Lombard. 1.5 units at 2.70 to 1 (-1.50 units)

Event Record: 4-1
Event Profit: 10.25 units

Main Card Results

Hedricks over Lawler via unanimous decision.
Woodley over Condit via second round TKO (injury)
Jury over Sanchez via unanimous decision
Lombard over Shields via unanimous decision
St Preux over Krylov via first round submission

Preliminary Card Results

Gastelum over Story via split decision
Andrade over Pennington via split decision
Bermudez over Hettes via third round TKO
Garcia over Spencer via split decision
Trevino over Forte via unanimous decision
Scoggins over Campuzano via unanimous decision
Strickland over McDaniel via first round submission (rear naked choke)
Whiteford over Pineda via unanimous decision

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