Bellator 113: Vegh vs Newton II Quick Predictions and Bets

Bellator 113 goes down tomorrow night from the Kansas Star Arena in Mulvane, Kansas. We’re here to bring you a quick run down of who we see winning and where we’ll be laying our money. Our last outing at Bellator, Bellator 111 saw us lose some of our built up profit. We are fully expecting to be profitable tomorrow night however! By the way, if you haven’t checked out Reed Kuhn’s Fightnomics it is a must read for any UFC fan, or anyone interested in betting on UFC fights.

Vegh vs Newton: We don’t know who’s going to win, but expect an extremely close fight like their first encounter. At 3.10, the value on Vegh is too much to not bet. We bet 2 units on Vegh at 3.10.

Freire vs Rickels: Rickels should take this one with relative ease, younger and has reach advantage. In addition, he’s the all around better fighter. Rickels to be added to parlay.

Held vs Cavalheiro: Line is starting to get crazy, but Held should be able to cruise. No bet with the uncertainty of Cavalheiro’s debut.

Welch vs Campos: Campos a huge step up for the 23 year old Welch. Expect Campos to take an easy win. Add Campos to Rickels parlay. We bet 2 units on Rickels and Campos at 2.01.


Vegh over Newton. 2 units at 3.10
Campos/Rickels parlay. 2 units at 2.01 to 1

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