Bellator 115: Minakov vs Kongo Quick Predictions and Bets

We’re now just 2 days away from Bellator 115 which features Vitaly Minakov defending his world heavyweight title against UFC crossover Cheick Kongo. We’ll have a couple bets for this card, but honestly the value isn’t huge so we don’t recommend betting the farm! By the way, just finished listening to Warren Buffet’s Management Secrets and it’s an awesome listen. A bit off topic here, but the overlap between people betting on MMA and putting money in the stock market is likely more than we think.

Kongo over Minakov. The pick is not a hugely confident one, but Kong is a step up in competition for Minakov. The major concern is Kongo’s chin, but its definitely possible Kongo grinds out a decision. 2 unit bet on Kongo at 3.00.

Koreshkov over Oropeza. Expecting Koreshkov to cruise to a decision. No bet on this one.

Parlo over Cisneros. Cisneros is 1-2 in KOTC in his last 3. Parlo is 2-1 in Bellator fighting tough opponents. Parlo should win handily. No bet.

Cramer over Kimball. Way closer fight than the odds indicate. 1.5 unit bet on Kimball at 3.14.


Kongo over Minakov. 2 units at 3.00
Kimball over Cramer. 1.5 units at 3.14

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