TUF Nations Finale: Bisping vs Kennedy Results and Betting Recap

TUF Nations Finale: Bisping vs Kennedy went down tonight from Quebec City, Quebec and it was an awesome night for the fight predictor. We went perfect in our bets at 5-0 for a profit of 14.97 units in what may be our best night in our 2 year history! We’ll be looking to build on our profit this weekend with UFC on Fox 11: Browne vs Werdum. Our picks will be out in the next couple days so be sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook for all the latest.

Our final bet of the night was on the main event middleweight tilt between Michael Bisping and Tim Kennedy. Our bet was 3 units at 2.67 on Tim Kennedy. By the time the fight started, Kennedy had climbed as high as 2.85 on some sports books. Round 1 saw Kennedy get an early takedown and maintain top position with little action for almost 5 minutes. Round 2 saw Bisping getting the better of the exchanges on the feet and Kennedy unable to get any takedowns. Round 3 saw Kennedy get a takedown mid-round after losing the first half of the round on the feet. Round 4 saw the fighters standing for the duration again, but the edge for Bisping wasn’t as distinct. Round 5 saw Kennedy in top control for the first half, with a stand up mid round and pretty even striking for the second half. We scored the fight 47-46 for Kennedy. The judges saw it 49-46×2 and 50-45 for Tim Kennedy. We profit 5.01 units.

Our fourth bet of the night was on the coaches battle between Patrick Cote and Kyle Noke. The bet was 3 units at 1.95, but by fight time, the line on Cote had climbed as high as 2.88 on some sports books. Throughout the fight, Noke seemed to get the better of Cote when they were at long range, but at middle and close range, Cote had the advantage. In the grappling game, Cote finished all 3 rounds on top so it looked like it would be an easy decision for the judges. The judges got it right scoring it 29-28×2 and 30-27 for Patrick Cote. We profit 2.85 units.

Our third bet of the night was on the TUF Nations middleweight final between Sheldon Westcott and Elias Theodorou. The bet was 3 units on Elias at 1.74. Westcott openend the fight strong, taking the back of Theodorou, but other than that, it was all Theodorou. Theodorou was dominant on the feet and had Westcott in compromising positions on the ground several times before finishing it late in the second. We profit 2.22 units.

The first leg of our parlay for the card was Mitch Gagnon to defeat Tim Gorman. The other two legs of the parlay were Dustin Poirier and Ryan Jimmo and the bet was 3 units at 1.80. It wasn’t a clear as we’d have liked to see, but Gagnon got the job done in all 3 rounds. He landed far more offense than Gorman including a couple takedowns in the third round. Gorman’s only control in the fight were the moments where he was holding Gagnon against the fence going for single leg takedowns. The judges got it right in scoring the fight 30-27×3 for Mitch Gagnon and the first leg of our parlay is good. The second leg of our parlay was Ryan Jimmo to defeat a debuting Sean O’Connell in the light heavyweight division. By fight time, the line on Jimmo had fallen all the way to 1.17. In what was a rather close first round that saw O’Connell pressing Jimmo against the cage, Jimmo was eventually able to get a knock out immediately after the two were split apart due to inactivity against the fence. It was all up to Dustin Poirier to make good on our parlay. Round 1 was pretty scary as Poirier got clipped a couple times, but managed to survive and we actually gave him the edge. Round 2 was much better as Poirier landed a sick upper cut that hurt Corassani and Poirier was able to capitalize, finishing the fight with strikes. Our good parlay sees us profit 2.40 units.

Our first bet of the night was George Roop to defeat Dustin Kimura. The bet was 3 units at 1.83. Unfortunately, we missed the entirety of the fight, but judging by Twitter’s reaction, it seemed like Roop layed and prayed for 3 rounds and was in a good position heading to the decision. The judges scored it 29-28, 30-27 and 29-26 in favour of Roop and we profit 2.49 units.

Good Bets:

Kennedy over Bisping. 3 units at 2.67. (+5.01 units)
Cote over Noke. 3 units at 1.95. (+2.85 units)
Theodorou over Westcott. 3 units at 1.74. (+2.22 units)
Gagnon/Jimmo/Poirier Parlay. 3 units at 1.80. (+2.40 units)
Roop over Kimura. 3 units at 1.83. (+2.49 units)

Event Record: 5-0
Event Profit: +14.97 units

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