UFC 172: Jones vs Teixeira Results and Betting Recap

UFC 172: Jones vs Teixeira is in the books and it was another winning night for The Fight Predictor. We saw Jones retain his title as well as a couple knockout of the year candidates on the stacked card from Baltimore, Maryland. We went 3-2 on our bets for a decent little profit of 4.20 units which extends our event profit streak to 3 and a total positive return of almost 30 units. If you’re looking to tail our bets, the best place to do so is 5Dimes. They offer parlays on anything across the board and we frequently use parlays in our recommended bets. In addition, they generally offer the best, or are close to the best odds on every fight.

We had 2 bets on the main event. Unfortunately, our Jones/Davis/Rockhold parlay lost on Davis’s loss so the lone remaining bet was on the under 3.5 rounds. It was a 2 unit bet at 1.65. As expected, Jones was the better man throughout. Unfortunately for our bet, he was unable to finish Texieira so we lost our 2 unit bet.

The second leg of our third parlay was Phil Davis to defeat Anthony Johnson. Round 1 and 2 surprisingly saw Johnson landing strikes at will. It came down to the third round where Davis needed to finish or lose the fight. The third round was much of the same. Davis looked to be more aggressive, but Johnson clearly had the edge on the feet. We lose our 3 unit parlay.

The first leg of our third parlay was Luke Rockhold to defeat Tim Boetsch. In addition, we had a 2 unit bet on the under 1.5 rounds at 2.30. Rockhold made us look good, immediately getting into triangle position with his legs. Boetsch was able to survive the intial leg triangle, but couldn’t stop Rockhold from locking up a kimura and finishing the fight. The first leg of our parlay is good and our under bet profits 2.60 units.

Jim Miller was the second leg of our second parlay. The first leg was good when Danny Castillo defeat Charlie Brenneman. Miller looked to get the better of Medeiros in the short time they were striking. He eventually went to the ground with Medeiros, locking up a guillotine choke and submitting his opponent. We profit 3 units.

The second leg of our first parlay was Joseph Benavidez to defeat Tim Elliott. The first leg was successful when Chris Beal defeated Patrick Williams via brutal flying knee. Surprisingly, Elliott looked to have the upper hand for the start of the first round. Unfortunately for him though, Benavidez eventually got on top on the ground and made no mistake, locking in a guillotine choke and trapping both of Elliott’s arms forcing him to tap with his feet. We profit 3.6 units.

The first leg of our second parlay was Danny Castillo to defeat Charlie Brenneman. The second leg was Jim Miller and the bet was 3 units at 2.00. We gave round 1 to Brenneman as he got 2 takedowns and had control for much more of the round. The first round was concerning. The second round, not so much. Castillo needed just a few seconds to land an incredibly hard right hand directly on Brenneman’s jaw, knocking Brenneman out cold. It was 2 fights down, 2 crazy knockouts and 2 first legs good!

The first leg of our first parlay was Chris Beal to defeat Patrick Williams. The second leg was Joseph Benavidez for a bet of 3 units at 2.20. The fight was pretty wild early on, with neither fighter obviously taking control. The second half of the round was Beal’s though as he tagged Williams with several hard strikes. In the second round, Chris Beal looked to have the striking advantage as well. Eventually he was able to land a huge flying knee to knock Williams out. The first leg of our first parlay is good!

Next up on the UFC calendar is UFC Fight Night: Brown vs Silva on May 10, 2014. The main event bout featuring Erick Silva and Matt Brown just had its odds released today and at first glance, there may be some value in Matt Brown who is currently around 2.70. We will do the math and post the results to our Twitter shortly.

Good Bets:

Rockhold vs Boetsch – Under 1.5 rounds. 2 units at 2.30 (+2.60 units)
Beal/Benavidez Parlay. 3 units at 2.20 (+3.60 units)
Miller/Castillo Parlay. 3 units at 2.00 (+3.00 units)

Lost Bets:

Jones/Davis/Rockhold Parlay. 3 units at 2.03 (-3.00 units)
Jones vs Teixeira – Under 3.5 Rounds. 2 units at 1.65 (-2.00 units)

Event Record: 3-2
Event Profit: +4.20 units

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