Sports Betting Odds Conversions

We at The Fight Predictor like to utlize decimal odds notation for our picks, but many of our American readers prefer the Moneyline style of plus minus odds and our European readers prefer fractional odds. This post will be a brief description of the different types of odds and how to convert between them. If you plan to get serious in your sports betting, this is likely a critical foundation you will need to have. Regardless of the odds type you most prefer, you can understand that we’ve been on fire lately with 4 straight profitable events leading to almost 30 total units in profit. Check our track record for our latest results.

Moneyline (American) Odds

This is the type of odds which many American sportsbooks will default to and many American consumers understand very well. When shown as a positive number greater than 100, it means for every $100 you bet, you get back your $100 plus whatever number is given. For example, Lyoto Machida is listed at +220 at BetOnline to defeat Chris Weidman at UFC 175. That means if you bet $100 on Lyoto Machida and he wins, you get back $320. Alternatively, if the number is negative, the given number is what you’d have to bet to get back $100. For example, Chris Weidman is listed at -200 at to defeat Chris Weidman in their UFC 175 bout. This means if you bet $200 on Weidman, and he wins, you get back $300.

Decimal Odds

This is the odds format we favour at the fight predictor. It tells you with a decimal number how much you will get back (including your initial bet) if your fighter wins. In the same example as above, Weidman is 3.20 while Machida is 1.50. We favour this notation because you can very quickly figure out your required winning percentage to break even. You simply take 1 and divide it by the quoted price and multiply by 100. For Lyoto Machida, that equates to 1/3.20*100 = 31.25% meaning if Machida defeats Weidman more than 31.25% of the time, a bet on him would be profitable long term.

Fractional Odds

In fractional odds, your profit is the numerator while your bet is the denominator. Say Lyoto Machida was listed as 2/1 to defeat Chris Weidman at UFC 175. This means for every dollar bet, you get your dollar back plus two dollars more.

Odds Conversions

Moneyline (American) to Decimal: Positive? Add 100 and divide by 100. Negative? -100 divided by the odds plus one.
Moneyline (American) to Fractional: Positive? Divide by 100. Negative? -100 divided by the odds.
Decimal to Moneyline (American): Greater than 2? Multiply by 100 and subtract 100. Less than 2? Multiply by -100 and subtract 100.
Decimal to Fractional: Subtract 1 and take the fraction.
Fractional to Moneyline (American): Fraction greater than 1? Multiply by 100. Less than 1? Multiply by -100.
Fractional to Decimal: Add 1 and convert to decimal form.

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