UFC 173: Barao vs Dillashaw Results and Betting Recap

Well we gave some of the profit we’d earned over the last 6 events with profit back tonight. It started awfully, but the end of the event saw us win a bit of our losses back. It was a crazy night overall with TJ Dillashaw earning the bantamweight title as a huge underdog and several other big favourites falling. We won’t try and change anything dramatic before the next event as our strategy has been working so well over the past little while. At least our MLB Betting tips at MLB Predictor made some money tonight!

Robbie Lawler was the second leg of our final parlay. In addition, we bet his fight against Jake Ellenberger to be under 2.5 rounds. Robbie Lawler looked awesome in the match-up, landing early and often. He eventually stopped Ellenberger, but unfortunately for our bet on the under, it was at the 3:04 point of the third round so it didn’t cash. We profit 3.33 units on the parlay and lose 2 units on the under 2.5 rounds.

The first leg of our final parlay on the night was Takeya Mizugaki to defeat Francisco Rivera. In what was probably the best fight of the night to his point, Mizugaki and Rivera both landed several hard strikes, causing each other to be wobbly. Throughout the fight though, Mizugaki landed the more damage while also spending more time in top position on the ground. We had the fight 29-28 Mizugaki. The judges scored it 29-28, 30-27×2 for Mizugaki making the first leg of our last parlay good!

Our second straight bet of the card was Michael Chiesa to defeat Francisco Trinaldo. We got 3 units on Chiesa at 1.95 (-105), but by fight time, the line had dropped to around 1.67 (-150). Chiesa was one of the few good news stories on the night as he dominated the grappling (which ended up being most of the fight) en route to a unanimous decision win. We profit 2.85 units.

After losing all 3 of our first 3 parlays, we were left needing Katsunori Kikuno to defeat Tony Ferguson to keep any hope of a winning night alive. Besides a couple early strikes landed, Kikuno got smashed. Ferguson landed strike after strike and eventually got the KO. We lost our 3 unit bet.

The second leg of our second parlay was Al Iaquinta to defeat Mitch Clarke. With 2 parlays falling already, it was important we got this win to get our night going in the right direction. The parlay bet was 3 units at 2.13 (+113). Round 1 was all Iaquinta, he got the knockdown early and stayed on top, landing big shots from the top for the remainder of the round. Round 2 started the same way, but unfortunately, Iaquinta was caught in a darce choke and ended up going to sleep. We lose our 3 unit bet.

The first leg of our third parlay was Anthony Njokuani to defeat Vinc Pichel. Round 1 was very strange as Pichel poked Njokuani in the eye once, as well as landing multiple groin shots, but the ref was only able to see the first so no point was taken. Round 2 saw Pichel controlling Njokuani against the cage and on the ground. Round 3 was pretty similar to round 2. We scored the fight 30-27 for Pichel. The judges score it the same and we lose our 3 unit parlay.

The first leg of our second parlay was Sam Sicilia to defeat Aaron Philips. Round 1 and 2 went Sicilia’s way with significant time spent in top control executing ground and pound as well as a couple close submissions. Overall, the ground work of both guys left something to be desired. The third round was all Sicila as he got an early takedown and stayed on top for the whole round. The judges got it right scoring it 29-28×2, 30-27 for Sicilia. Leg 1 of our second parlay was good with leg 2 being Al Iaquinta.

The first leg of our first parlay, and one of our least confident parlay legs of the night was David Michaud to defeat Jingliang Li. We weren’t as confident as some of our other picks because Michaud and Li were both debuting which always adds a random factor to any fight. The parlay was with Renan Barao and was 2 units at 1.88. The first two rounds were very close. We gave Li a slight edge on the feet, but the ground game was definitely Michaud’s. Round 3 looked to be going well for Michaud as he got and maintained top control for about half the round, but Li was able to reverse the position and reign down strikes for the remainder. The split decision went the way of Li and we lose our 2 unit bet.

We’ll be back next week with some bets for both of Saturday’s cards, UFC Fight Night 41: Munoz vs Mousasi and the TUF Brazil 3 Finale: Mioci vs Maldonado.

Good Bets:

Lawler/Mizugaki Parlay. 3 units at 2.11 (+3.33 units)
Chiesa over Trinaldo. 3 units at 1.95 (+2.85 units)

Lost Bets:

Under 2.5 Rounds – Lawler/Ellenberger. 2 units at 2.00 (-2.00 units)
Kikuno over Ferguson. 3 units at 3.39 (-3.00 units)
Varner/Njokuani Parlay. 3 units at 2.24 (-3.00 units)
Iaquinta/Sicilia Parlay. 3 units at 2.24 (-3.00 units)
Michaud/Barao Parlay. 2 units at 1.88 (-2.00 units)

Event Record: 2-5
Event Profit: -6.82 Units

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