UFC FN 41 and TUF Brazil 3 Finale Results and Betting Recap

So today continued a crazy month of May where tons of guys that seem like locks don’t end up getting the job done. Unfortunately, for us that meant an 0-3 for -8 unit performance at the UFC Fight Night 41: Munoz vs Mousasi card. Luckily, we were profitable on the later card as we went 2-1 for +2.88 units on the TUF Brazil 3 Finale: Miocic vs Maldonado card. We won’t have full recaps of all the fights we bet on, just summaries from each event as it’s been a crazy week of UFC/MLB betting and we want to get started preparing for UFC Fight Night 42: Henderson vs Khabilov ASAP. By the way the MLB picks at the MLB Predictor have been going pretty decent so far so if you’re not tailing, you’re missing out on some nice profit.

UFC Fight Night 41 Results

Lost Bets

Carmont/Barnatt Parlay. 3 units at 2.40 (+140). (-3.00 units)
Niinimaki/Pawlak Parlay. 2 units at 2.15 (+115). (-2.00 units)
Ogle over Blanco. 3 units at 2.80 (+180). (-3.00 units)

Event Record: 0-3
Event Profit: -8.00 Units

TUF Brazil 3 Finale: Miocic vs Maldonado

Good Bets

Maia/Munhoz/Souza Parlay. 2 units at 2.20 (+120). (+2.40 units)
Abreu/De Lima Parlay. 2 units at 2.24 (+124). (+2.48 units)

Lost Bets

Maia vs Yakovlev – Under 1.5 rounds. 2 units at 2.70 (+170). (-2.00 units)

Event Record: 2-1
Event Profit: +2.88 Units

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