UFC Fight Night 42: Henderson vs Khabilov Results and Betting Recap

On a wild night in Albaquerque, New Mexico, we ended up going 3-2 for a 1.81 unit profit. We should mention though, we gave out Ross Pearson as a play on Twitter. The play was 2 units at 1.77 (-130). In the worst decision since Tim Boetsch over CB Dollaway, Sanchez was given a split decision victory. Had you followed our Twitter play, you would have actually been slightly down on the night. The state of MMA judging in general is atrocious and to be honest, we don’t know how to fix it, but as fight fans, it needs fixing. Anyway, on to the results.

The second leg of our second parlay was Benson Henderson to defeat Rustam Khabilov. Round 1 saw Khabilov controlling more of the action, but nothing particularly notable. Round 2 was also pretty even. Both guys were on top for a short period of time and Henderson even took Khabilov’s back at one point. We had it 19-19 after 2. The third round was once again close, but we gave the edge to Henderson based on the last 10 seconds when he had top control since that is what they seem to deem most important. The judges didn’t matter though as Henderson landed some decent strikes early in the fourth which he followed up by locking up a rear naked choke for a submission victory. We profit 2.16 units.

The first leg of our second parlay on the night was John Dodson to defeat John Moraga. Round 1 was relatively close, but we thought Dodson had the overall advantage. Round 2 saw less action han round 1, but ended with a bang as Dodson landed a late knee that broke Moraga’s nose. This meant the first leg of our second parlay was good and we were left needing a Benson Henderson win to secure a profit.

Our third straight bet was a big underdog as we had Jason High to defeat Rafael Dos Anjos. Our bet was 2 units at 3.70 on the hope that High would be able to outgrapple Dos Anjos on his way to a victory. The first half of round 1 was awesome. High got Dos Anjos down and spent much of the time in top control. Unfortunately the next round or so was all Dos Anjos as he eventually finished High by TKO in the second. We lose our 3 unit bet.

Our second straight bet was on the opener of the main card as we had Erik Perez to defeat Bryan Caraway. Our bet was 3 units at 1.95. By fight time the line had dropped a bit to 1.80. Round 1 was pretty close in both the grappling and striking, but Perez landed the only memorable strikes, a couple knees to the head of Caraway so we gave hime the edge. It didn’t take long for Perez to do the dumbest possible thing he could in round 2 which was to go for a takedown since the ground was probably the only place Caraway could put him away. Caraway got the job done, choking Perez out. We lose our 3 unit bet.

The second leg of our first parlay was Sergio Pettis to defeat Yaotzin Meza. Round 1 was contested on the feet and neither fighter seemed to land anything significant. We scored it 10-9 Pettis. Round 2 saw Pettis land some big strikes towards the end of the round and not much else. Round 3 was close, possibly slightly in Pettis’s favour on the feet until Meza got a last minute takedown and held Pettis down. We scored round 3 for Meza making it 29-28 Pettis on our score card. The judges had it the same way, giving Pettis a unanimous decision win and giving us a profit of 2.25 units on our 3 unit bet.

Our first straight bet of the card was on the returning from a long layoff Lance Benoist to defeat Bobby Voelker. Round 1 saw pretty even action on the feet between the two, but Benoist had the advantage in the grappling as he took Voelker down late in the round and maintained top position for most of the rest of the round. Round 2 was pretty even, but we gave the edge to Voelker as he looked to be the fresher fighter and ended the round on top. Round 3 saw Benoist spend a lot of time in mount. Benoist ended up taking a unanimous decision victory and we profit 2.40 units.

The first leg of our first parlay was UFC vet Scott Jorgensen to defeat Danny Martinez who was in his second UFC fight. Round 1 was a bit frightening in the striking as Jorgensen absorbed some shots, but Jorgensen absolutely dominated the wrestling, getting the back of Martinez several times. Round 2 was much scarier, with Martinez dominating the first half, even dropping Jorgensen and almost getting the finish at one point. Luckily, Jorgensen was able to fight back and actually dominated the second half with his wrestling. Round 3 saw a lot more wrestling from Jorgensen. Any time he took a strike, he immediately went for and landed a takedown. The judges got it right in scoring a unanimous decision win for Scott Jorgensen. The first leg of our first parlay is good.

Next weekend will be UFC 174: Johnson vs Bagautinov from Vancouver, British Columbia. The main card odds are already out so look for our early predictions and bets Sunday or Monday!

Good Bets

Henderson/Dodson Parlay. 3 units at 1.72 (-137). (+2.16 units)
Pettis/Jorgensen Parlay. 3 units at 1.75 (-133). (+2.25 units)
Benoist Over Voelker. 2 units at 2.20 (+120). (+2.40 units)

Lost Bets

High Over Dos Anjos. 2 units at 3.70 (+270). (-2.00 units)
Perez Over Caraway. 3 units at 1.95 (-105). (-3.00 units)

Event Record: 3-2
Event Profit: +1.81 Units

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