UFC 182: Jones vs Cormier Betting Recap

Last night’s UFC 182: Jones vs Cormier was an unfortunate way to start the year. Not only did the fight card that had all kinds of hype behind it kind of flop (at least the PPV portion did), but we lost 3 of our 4 bets and start the year on a losing note. It’s all good though, we’ll be back strong with Bellator, WSOF and UFC in 2 weeks. Remember to sign up at Draft Kings to support our free bets efforts!

Hector Lombard to defeat Josh Burkman was the first leg of parlay #3 on the night. The parlay was 3 units at 2.00 (+100). Lombard got steamed close to 1.10 (-1000) on fight day, but it really was warranted since we were expecting him to come away with an easy win. Rounds 1 and 2 were pretty clearly Lombard’s in our opinion. He stalked Burkman, walking forward 90% of the time and landing the better strikes. Round 3 saw Lombard get an early takedown. They stood up for most of the rest of the round, but it was clear Lombard was going to win. Leg 1 of the parlay is good. We were left relying on Nate Marquardt to keep our loss on the night small. It turned out not to be our night as Tavares dominated rounds 2 and 3 and even had a slight advantage in the first. We lost our 3 unit parlay when the judges awarded it to Tavares.

Danny Castillo to defeat Paul Felder was the first leg of parlay #2 on the evening. This parlay was 3 units at 2.35 and featured Castillo and Jon Jones. We were really hoping Danny Castillo could place it safe, getting takedowns and staying on top of Felder landing just enough to win a decision. Unfortunately, Castillo decided to stand and trade and was clearly outmatched by Felder. In the middle of round 2, he ate a spinning back fist that rendered him unconscious. We lose our 3 unit bet.

The first leg of our first parlay was for heavyweights Shawn Jordan and Jared Cannonier to fight for less than 1.5 rounds. The line on this one was virtually the same at fight time, although the second leg of the parlay, Kyoji Horiguchi had fallen considerably. The parlay bet was 2 units at 1.89 (-111). Cannonier showed some pretty solid footwork for as long as he lasted, but a right hand by Jordan eventually caught him behind the ear and he was no longer able to defend himself. The first leg of our first parlay was good. Round 1 of the Horiguchi/Gaudinot bout saw Horiguchi using his speed to land the more effective strikes. Round 2 was more clear for Horiguchi as he used his speed to counter incredibly effectively. He put an exclamation point on the round with a takedown in the final seconds. Round 3 was pretty much a carbon copy of round 2 with Horiguchi just being too fast for Gaudinot. The judges score it in favour of Horiguchi and we profit 1.88 units.

Our first bet of the night was an underdog play. We had 2 units on Mats Nilsson to defeat Omari Akhmedov. We placed the bet at 2.45 (+145) and the line stayed pretty steady on fight day, closing at 2.70 (+170). In round 1, Akhmedov appeared to use most of his gas tank, throwing wild strikes that were mostly blocked by Nilsson. Akhmedov also managed to land a couple takedowns and some ground and pound. We were left hoping the judges poorly gave the round to Nilsson based on a late takedown and strike. Round 2 was more clearly Akhmedov’s as he landed several takedowns and some ground and pound despite looking incredibly tired. Round 3 appeared to be Nilsson’s as he led in the striking while also getting a couple close submission attempts at the end. The judges scored it the same as we had it, 29-28 Akhmedov and 2015 starts with a 2 unit loss.

So overall a bad start to 2015. Mark it down and we’ll be back in a couple weeks with some more bets. Remember to follow us on Twitter and Facebook for all the latest. Also sign up at our partner’s site, Draft Kings for a 100% first deposit bonus and a $2 voucher for your first tourney!

Good Bets:

Horiguchi/Under 1.5 – Jordan/Cannonier Parlay. 2 units at 1.89 (-111). (+1.88 units)

Lost Bets:

Jones/Castillo Parlay. 3 units at 2.35 (+135). (-3.00 units)
Marquardt/Lombard Parlay. 3 units at 2.00 (+100). (-3.00 units)
Nilsson over Akhmedov. 2 units at 2.45 (+145). (-2.00 units)

Event Record: 1-3
Event Profit: -6.12 units

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