UFC on FOX 14: Gustafsson vs Johnson Betting Recap

It was a huge night for us at UFC on FOX 14: Gustafsson vs Johnson. We went 3-2 on our bets for a profit of 10.95 units. This was one of our better events of all time and we’re pumped that Draft Kings allowed us to bring you all the betting tips for free. Remember to sign up and deposit through our Draft Kings link to keep our free betting tips coming!

Our fifth and final bet of the night was on Anthony Johnson to defeat Alexander Gustafsson. The bet was 2 units at 3.65 (+265) and the line climbed a bit on fight day, but not too significantly. Our bet on Johnson was absolutely correct as Johnson finished Gustafsson early in the first round. We profit 5.30 units.

Our fourth bet of the night was on the old man of the card, Dan Henderson to defeat Gegard Mousasi. The bet was 1 unit at 4.50 (+350), but by fight time it had climbed as high as 6.05 (+505). Mousasi was able to rock Hendo pretty early on and he capitalized by landing enough strikes for the referee to step in (possibly a bit early). We lose our 1 unit bet.

Our third bet of the night was an underdog play on Nico Musoke to defeat Albert Tumenov. The bet was 2 units at 2.25 (+125) and the line stayed pretty steady up to fight time rising slightly to 2.40 (+140). We gave a slight edge to Musoke in round 1. He landed more strikes, but it wasn’t overly obvious. Round 2 was definitely Tumenov’s. He landed more and busted Musoke up a little bit. Unfortunately, round 3 was more like round 2 than round 1 as Musoke struggled with takedown attempts, but was unable to land any. We had it 29-28 for Tumenov heading to the judges. The judges scored it the same way we did and we lose our 2 unit bet.

The third leg of our 3 team parlay was also the most uncertain. We had Kenny Robertson to defeat Sultan Aliev and winning it would close out our 3 unit bet at 2.67 (+167). The line on this fight had flipped and Robertson had actually become a decent sized underdog by fight time. It took Robertson just 2 minutes and 42 seconds to find a home for an overhand left. The Robertson win means we profit 5.01 units and brought us to 2-0 on our bets on the night.

We were expecting leg 2 of our parlay to be equally certain as we had Mairbek Taisumov to beat the reigning fighter of the year in Greece, Anthony Christodoulou. Round 1 was all Taisumov and was fought almost exclusively on the feet. In round 2, Christodoulou went for a takedown which was stuffed by Taisumov. Taisumov made no mistake from top position, putting Christodoulou out quickly. Leg 2 of our parlay is good.

The first leg of our parlay for the event was the opener of the televised prelims as we had Mirsad Bektic to defeat Paul Redmond. Bektic was absolutely dominant through 1, getting top position and reigning down strikes for most of the round. It was at least 10-9 and possibly 10-8 after 1. Round 2 was basically a carbon copy of round 1 except Redmond appeared a bit more tired and was less able to defend himself. It was either 20-18 or 20-16 heading to 3. Round 3 was no different except rather than getting a takedown, Bektic scored a knockdown to get Redmond to the ground. It was somewhere between 30-27 and 30-24, but Bektic was unquestionably the winner. The judges got it right and leg 1 of our parlay was good.

Our first bet of the night was on the first fight of the night. We had Neil Seery to defeat Chris Beal and we put 2 units on it at 2.82 (+182). By fight time you could get as high as 3.00 (+200) on Seery. Rounds 1 and 2 were incredibly close. Seery was pushing the action throughout and landing more strikes, but Beal was landing the more damaging strikes. Round 3 was almost entirely fought on the feet and we felt it was the most clear round for Seery. The judges scored it for Seery and we profit 3.64 units.

The net result was a huge night for us. Remember if you want the free bets to keep coming, sign up and deposit at Draft Kings. Also remember to follow us on Twitter and Facebook for all the latest updates! We’ll be back soon with our early betting tips for UFC 183: Silva vs Diaz.

Good Bets

Johnson over Gustafsson. 2 units at 3.65 (+265). (+5.30 units)
Bektic/Taisumov/Robertson Parlay. 3 units at 2.67 (+167). (+5.01 units)
Seery over Beal. 2 units at 2.82 (+182). (+3.64 units)

Lost Bets

Henderson over Mousasi. 2 units at 4.50 (+350). (-1.00 units)
Musoke over Tumenov. 2 unit at 2.25 (+125). (-2.00 units)

Event Record: 3-2
Event Profit: +10.95 units

6 thoughts on “UFC on FOX 14: Gustafsson vs Johnson Betting Recap

  1. Great call on the parlay and on Johnson Gustafsson’s striking defense has been questionable for awhile and Johnson just has crazy power

  2. Man, thank you guys so much. I started following you about 6 months ago and I am very impressed. Luca fury got nothing on you bro. Cashed me out +1600 last night and im a 50/100$ bettor. Leading up to the gus johnson fight i was saying gus all the way. But your tip changed my mind and i parlayed Johnson with the under 140/1200$. Thanks again guys keep it up.

    • Glad I could help you make some profit! If you feel like giving back, feel free to sign up through our Draft Kings link. Even with a min deposit we get a referral bonus.

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