UFC 183: Silva vs Diaz Fantasy Preview

It’s another big UFC card this weekend as UFC 183: Silva vs Diaz will go down on the Super Bowl’s eve, Saturday, January 31. There was plenty to complain about in terms of UFC cards in 2014, but so far in 2015 we have been incredibly spoiled and there’s more to come with two title fights coming up at UFC 184: Weidman vs Belfort. Realistically though, the most important part is making some extra cash and so far 2015 has been great for that too. We are up over 10 units in January and last week’s UFC on FOX 14: Gustafsson vs Johnson was one of our best events for total profit of all time. Unfortunately, February will see us go back to charging for our betting tips, but you can get 30 days of tips for free just by following the instructions here. Already set up on Draft Kings? Great, here’s some guys we like for Saturday’s fantasy games.

Must Have Favourites

1. Jordan Mein – Mein is one of the guys we bet in our early betting tips and we definitely think he should be on most of your Draft Kings teams with a salary of just $10,200. It could either be by TKO or decision, but we are relatively certain Mein is going to get the job done.

2. Ian McCall – McCall’s salary is at least somewhat affordable, but $10,900 is still pretty steep. McCall was a parlay leg in our early betting tips and we expect he wins around 70-80% of the time. The problem is he probably won’t finish Lineker so he won’t be earning you huge points.

3. Anderson Silva – Silva is another leg of one of our parlays. We think even if he is 70% as good as he was previously he should be able to walk through Diaz. The main reason he’s not higher on our list of favourites is that his salary is $11,900. With only 9 fights on the board it doesn’t leave a lot of room for other favourites.

Potential Underdogs

1. Tyron Woodley – If Woodley shows up and fights at his best, he very well could knock Kelvin Gastelum out and earn big points for your fantasy team. The big risk with Woodley is the fact that he tends to be inconsistent and will show up like a house on fire some of the time and then completely shit the bed other times. If you can live with this uncertainty, his $9,700 price tag is pretty tempting.

2. Ed Herman – We think Herman’s opponent Derek Brunson is overvalued in this spot and with an $8,000 salary in a fight that most likely goes to decision, having Herman on your team as relief from the huge salaries elsewhere may be a good idea.

3. Miesha Tate – Women’s fights are all but guaranteed to go to decision for the most part. The best case is Tate does more damage and mixes in a couple takedowns earning a decent number of points for your team in a decision win. The worst case is Tate loses, but still picks up some points in losing a decision. We think she’s a worthy leg at $9,400.

That’s it for our fantasy preview. We’d be happy to answer any questions regarding strategy or how to redeem your free 30 days of picks either on our Twitter, Facebook or via email at info@thefightpredictor.com. Remember to sign up and deposit at Draft Kings and to follow our instructions to get your 30 days of free betting tips.

2 thoughts on “UFC 183: Silva vs Diaz Fantasy Preview

  1. I know your big game that you push is the MMA $20k Guillotine with the $2.00 entry, but it that the only game you recommend entering when funds are low (I have $8 their system after the entry fee)? Do you recommend sending the lineup you give out to several other games or putting 3 or 4 into the same game? What’s the max percentage of my DraftKings balance you reccomend risking at once?

  2. I’ve found that the biggest profits can be earned in the beginner match-ups as long as you haven’t played 50 MMA games yet. I also like the 50/50 games since you don’t have to be perfect, just better than average to make money in the long run.

    Our guys above obviously all wouldn’t fit into a lineup, they’re more some ideas of who may hold decent value. MMA being a pretty random sport means you probably want to get into as many games as possible, but try to keep your total risk for any event to under 10% of your total bank roll.

    Hope that answers your questions.



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