UFC Fight Night 60: Henderson vs Thatch Free Betting Tip

We’re exactly a week away from UFC Fight Night 60: Henderson vs Thatch and we have already released our first paid betting tip at CapperTek. For just $9.95, you can get access to our betting tips for 7 days which will get you all our betting tips for UFC Fight Night 60 and likely our early betting tips for UFC Fight Night 61 which is 2 weeks away. Obviously, the more time you buy access for, the better the price per pick you will receive. We’ll be looking to continue our early success this year where we profited 6.91 units for a return of 15.02% in January. This post will add a 3 unit bet on a 3-team parlay we are pretty confident should cash next Saturday. The pick we released on CapperTek was a rare 4 unit underdog bet which we are also very confident in. Remember, you can also get all our picks free for 30 days by signing up and depositing at Draft Kings and following the steps listed here.

The first leg of our 3 team parlay will be Max Holloway to defeat Cole Miller. At just 23 years old, Max Holloway is already 11-3 in his MMA career, going 7-3 in the UFC. His 3 losses come to pretty solid fighters in Dustin Poirier, Dennis Bermudez and Conor McGregor. He actually holds the distinction of being the only fighter in the UFC to last the full 3 rounds with McGregor. Holloway will be looking to continue his 4 fight win streak and we think there’s a very good chance that happens. His opponent, Cole Miller has been fighting in the UFC for almost 8 years now and has an overall record of 21-8. His UFC record sits at 10-6 and at 30 years of age, he will be the older competitor on Saturday. He is currently on a 2 fight win streak with victories over Andy Ogle and Sam Sicilia. With the way Holloway has looked on his current win streak we definitely think he gets the job done against Miller. He also seems to be improving every fight while Miller has sort of stagnated in his development. For this reason, we made Holloway the first leg of our 3 team parlay.

The second leg of our 3 team parlay will be another guy who has shown a lot of improvement as of late. At 27 years old, Neil Magny sports a 13-3 overall record and holds a 6-2 UFC mark. In 2014, Magny tied a UFC record with 5 wins in a calendar year, but even more impressively as a big guy in the division, he now shows a great ability to utilize his reach to land strikes and keep his opponent at bay. At 6’3″ in the UFC’s welterweight division, he will have the length advantage against the vast majority of his opponents and the 5’10” Kiichi Kunimoto who he fights at UFC Fight Night 60 is no exception. Kunimoto is 18-5-2 overall and will be making his fourth Octagon appearance, going 3-0 so far. While he is 3-0, the debut vs Luiz Dutra was a win by DQ, but up to the point of the DQ the fight looked like it could go either way. Another of Kunimoto’s wins, the split decision against Richard Walsh was a debatable decision by the judges so realistically, Kunimoto could be 1-2 in the UFC instead of 3-0. Magny should handily defeat Kunimoto either by TKO or by relatively one sided decision. We made Magny the second leg of our 3 team parlay.

For the final leg of our parlay, we look a little lower on the card as Nik Lentz takes on the debuting Levan Makashvili in the main event of the prelims on Fox Sports 1. Makashvili is stepping in to replace Thiago Tavares on a couple weeks notice and we don’t expect him to be able to get much done against the UFC vet Lentz. Lentz is the number 8 featherweight in the world and should easily handle the debuting, 6-1 Makashvili. Stepping up on late notice to fight a UFC vet seems to be the way a lot of prospects are beginning their UFC careers these days. Basically, they take a beating in their debut and help the UFC keep a fighter on the card. In return for taking a beating, the UFC offers them a winnable second fight against a more reasonable opponent. Lentz should be able to TKO or at least dominate to a decision so he is the third leg of our parlay.

That’s it for our first free betting tip for UFC Fight Night 60: Henderson vs Thatch. We likely won’t have any other free tips, but we will have 2 more underdog bets to be released later in the week on our CapperTek profile. Sign up there to get access to all our betting tips. You can also get 30 days of free betting tips by following our instructions.


Holloway/Magny/Lentz Parlay. 3 units at 1.92 (-108) at 5Dimes

6 thoughts on “UFC Fight Night 60: Henderson vs Thatch Free Betting Tip

  1. I’ll be honest, as someone who signed up with DraftKings through y’all (and yes, I got the free 30 days), I’m really disappointed that y’all are going back to a paid system. Why spend $10.00 on an event just for picks that I can get somewhere else for free, especially when I’m not making a definitive $10.00 profit on it? I hate to come across as a dick, and I love the idea of the mathematical model y’all have, but I just don’t see justifying spending money on a service like this.

    Logan Armstrong

    • Hi Logan,

      The main reason for charging for picks is we want to be compensated for all the money, time and effort it takes to run a site like this. Unfortunately, just being a partner/affiliate as we are for Draft Kings and several sportsbooks only brings in a tiny amount of money (and we are rewarding those who support us by signing up with DraftKings with 30 days of free tips). If you have a suggestion for a different way we can make some revenue off the site that would allow us to still provide our picks for free, we’re all ears. Otherwise, the only way we see to make a reasonable return for what we put into the site is to sell the picks.

      If you really feel you can find equivalently profitable picks for free on the net then go for it (and send us a link :)). Remember a lot of sites that claim to be hugely profitable don’t seem to last very long once people start following and verifying their claims.



      • Thanks for the reply,

        Like I said, I don’t want to come across as a naysayer, but I’ve found some of the picks on reddit.com/r/sportsbook to be really good, you just have to take some of them with a grain of salt. I definitely wish you the best and hope you make plenty of money off of this, but one bit of advice I would give you is to separate what picks you put out on CapperTek and which ones you put out here. Maybe put parlays and main events (or maybe even all of the main card) bets on CapperTek and put prelims on here, so people that aren’t going to be willing to pay for picks will know which bets to wait for from y’all and which ones to find from somewhere else. Like I said, I can’t justify buying picks to myself, I rarely spend $10.00 per event on the betting overall, and certainly don’t profit that much, but definitely appreciate all of the hard work you guys put into your system and wish you the best!

        Logan Armstrong

  2. Super chalky.

    Makashvili is no joke. Throws bombs, tough as nails dude from the Caucasus. He’s a live dog and typical chalky parlay spoiler. Lentz is prone to 1) getting hit and 2) getting rocked. He’s a favorite, but there are much better legs to this potential parlay (Lee -180) and more value in props when they drop (Magny minus points or TKO/KO, Holloway by dec).

    I get this is your “free” play, but there’s a lot more value on this card than these level 1 thinker wiki capping parlays. If your for pay plays mirror this, then you’re a joke. Let’s see some + money (dogs, props, etc) picks. Then we’ll see how good you are/are not.

  3. I personally think $10.00 is resonably cheap when compared to some of the other betting sites (furysfightpicks) – considering you actually did BETTER than him unit wise last year (2014) and are only marginally behind him at the moment (that being said you did get the Pendrad “win” which was obviously a poor decision).

    Either way for the amount of effort you guys put in (seriously it’s a ton of effort guys) – if you bet a reasonable amount (say $15+ per unit) you will be well ahead by the end of the year.

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