UFC 185: Pettis vs Dos Anjos Betting Recap

It was a decent night of betting for us as we went 2-1 for +3.76 units at UFC 185: Pettis vs Dos Anjos. Unlike a lot of handicappers, we managed to avoid betting both the Pettis brothers as huge favourites who both went down in flames. Anthony Pettis lost his belt to Rafael Dos Anjos and little brother Sergio Pettis was knocked out by Ryan Benoit. We are defining ourselves as one the best MMA betting service in the industry (especially at our price point) as indicated by our near top position in the CapperTek standings. This is especially true when only considering services that are MMA focused and have provided more than 15-20 picks over the last 60 days. We’ll chalk UFC 185 up as a good day and we’ll be back for UFC Fight Night 62: Maia vs LaFlare early this week with a free betting tip. Our full betting tips will be out later in the week as well as a fantasy preview. By the way, sign up and deposit $5 at Draft Kings then follow these steps to get 30 days of our betting tips for free!

To profit on the night, we were left relying on Johny Hendricks to defeat Matt Brown. This was the second leg of a parlay with Jared Rosholt which we had 3 units on at 1.86 (-116). Round 1 saw Hendricks land 3 takedowns and spend most of the time in top control. Round 2 was pretty similar except the takedowns came easier and Hendricks actually looked to have the edge on the feet as well as Brown began to tire. Round 3 was pretty similar to round 2 with Hendricks getting top control and reigning down ground and pound for basically the entire round. We had it 30-27 Hendricks going to the notoriously bad Texas judges. Luckily, the judges scored it the same way and we profit 2.58 units.

Our second paid betting tip of the night was a 2 unit bet on Roy “Big Country” Nelson to defeat Alistair Overeem. We placed the bet at 2.80 (+180) earlier in the week, but it dropped dramatically and Nelson was only a 2.35 (+135) dog going into the fight. We knew going in that the best chance for Nelson was to find Overeem’s chin early. Round 1 was clearly Overeem’s. He avoided any of Roy’s biggest attacks and landed several devastating kicks and knees. Round 2 was less dominant for Overeem and Nelson was able to land more big shots. We had it 20-18 Overeem heading to 3. Besides the very end of the third round it was mostly Alistair Overeem’s. We lose our 2 unit bet.

Our first paid betting tip of the night was a 3 unit play on Beneil Dariush to defeat Daron Cruickshank. We got it at 2.06 (+106), but that was shortly after Cruickshank missed weight and the line bounced between 1.80 (-125) and 2.05 (+105) leading up to the fight. Dariush seemed to have a big advantage on the feet, especially with his body kicks as he was able to land left kicks to Cruickshank’s mid-section over and over. He also finished the round on top landing ground and pound so we thought it was a clear 10-9 after 1. Dariush continued looking great in round 2 as Cruickshank actually went for the takedowns, but it was clear Dariush had a big edge on the ground and he eventually locked up a rear naked choke for the submission win. We profit 3.18 units.

The first leg of our free betting tip parlay was Jared Rosholt to defeat Josh Copeland. We were expecting Rosholt to take down and hold down Copeland basically from bell to bell. Round 1 was pretty even, we gave the edge to Rosholt as he landed a couple decent strikes and only absorbed one while also controlling Copeland against the fence at a couple points. Round 2 was heading the same way as the first until Rosholt landed a takedown mid-way through the round and was able to ground and pound to the end of the round. Round 3 played out how we had hoped the whole fight would as Rosholt got an early takedown and ground and pounded to a stoppage. Leg 1 of our free parlay is good. We had also tweeted earlier in the day that a small bet on the TKO prop might have been worthwhile. Hopefully some of our twitter followers were able to cash in on that.

That’s it for our betting recap, remember you can sign up and deposit at Draft Kings and then follow these steps to get 30 days of our tips for free. You can just deposit the minimum of $5 which will get you a 100% deposit bonus, a free tourney entry and 30 days of our betting tips.

Good Bets

Rosholt/Hendricks Parlay. 3 units at 1.86 (-116). (+2.58 units)
Dariush over Cruickshank. 3 units at 2.06 (+106). (+3.18 units)

Lost Bets

Nelson over Overeem. 2 units at 2.80 (+180). (-2.00 units)

Event Record: 2-1
Event Profit: +3.76 units

3 thoughts on “UFC 185: Pettis vs Dos Anjos Betting Recap

  1. Another great night of picks from you guys! It’s a shame that the free period was only 30 days, it’s been fun following your paid picks but my bankroll (despite an 18% profit for this month!) just isn’t big enough to justify paying for picks. Needless to say I’ll keep following your free parlays and hope you can return to a completely free model in the near future!

    • Thanks man! Appreciate the support and glad we were able to help you make some money! Maybe one day we’ll be able to give free picks again, or you bankroll will be big enough that purchasing picks makes sense.

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