UFC Fight Night 63: Mendes vs Lamas Betting Recap

It was a successful day of betting for us at UFC Fight Night 63: Mendes vs Lamas as we netted a 4.30 unit profit going 3-1 on our bets. It could have been a perfect day had Gray Maynard’s quickly aging chin not failed him once again. Nonetheless we’ll take the decent profit and start prepping for next week’s relatively weak UFC Fight Night 64: Gonzaga vs Cro Cop II. By the way, so far in 2015, we are now profitable in all 4 months and it is all tracked officially on our CapperTek profile as well as unofficially in our betting track record which has our history as far back as January, 2013. Want to get in on our winning picks? We offer very affordable options on our CapperTek profile of $9.95 for a week, $14.95 for two weeks and $24.95 for 30 days! Should you ever have any questions for us, let us know @predictfights or info@thefightpredictor.com.

To close out our free betting tip parlay, we had Chad Mendes as a big favourite to defeat Ricardo Lamas. The bet was 3 units at 1.98 (-102). It didn’t take long for Mendes to find a home for his strikes. Mendes rocked Lamas early and capitalized with a ton of strikes while Lamas was wobbly. Mendes getting the finish meant our parlay was good and we profit 2.94 units.

Our fourth bet of the night was Al Iaquinta to defeat Jorge Masvidal in the co-main event. We put 2 units on Iaquinta at 2.00 (+100). It didn’t look good in round 1 as even though Iaquinta was more active throughout he was dropped at the end of the round and had a huge cut on his cheek. Round 2 and 3 saw Iaquinta push the action while Masvidal stood back and landed a limited number of counter strikes. We still thought Masvidal had done enough to warrant the judges giving him 2 rounds, but an Iaquinta decision wasn’t out of the question. Luckily for our bet, two of three judges scored it for Iaquinta and we profit 2 units.

The first leg of our free parlay kicked off the main card as we had Dustin Poirier to defeat Diego Ferreira. Dustin Poirier appeared to have a big advantage on the feet. He absorbed more strikes than we would like, but was pinpoint accurate with strikes of his own. Eventually he got the knockdown on Ferreira and was able to finish. The win by Poirier means leg 1 of our parlay is good and we just needed a Mendes win to win the bet.

Our second bet of the night was on long time vet Gray Maynard to defeat relative newcomer Alexander Yakovlev. The bet was 3 units at 2.10 (+110), but climbed significantly following the weigh in to close around 2.40 (+140). The first round saw Maynard primarily keep it standing, landind several decent strikes while Yakovlev only landed a brief takedown and a couple body kicks. We had it 10-9 Maynard. Round 2 was much the same until Yakovlev found the terrible chin of Maynard and got a knockdown. Luckily Maynard was able to ride out the round with his wrestling. It was 19-19 heading to 3. Unfortunately, getting rocked in the second seemed to completely kill any momentum Maynard had and he didn’t do anything in the 3rd. We had it 29-28 Yakovlev and had little hope for our bet heading to the judges.

Our first bet of the night was a 2 unit play on Ron Stallings to defeat Justin Jones. It was clear early on that Stallings had a big advantage on the feet. The problem was that in both the first two rounds he allowed Jones to have significant time in control both against the cage and on the ground. The third round saw Jones unable to take Stallings down and Stallings dominant when they were at range. We had it 29-28 Jones, but were hoping Stallings striking advantage in the first round was enough to sway at least 2 judges opinions. Surprisingly all 3 judges favoured the damage and gave Stallings the win. We profit 2.36 units.

Thanks to all those who paid for and tailed our bets and congrats to you on a decently profitable day! Those of you who haven’t signed up yet, give us a shot via our CapperTek profile. You won’t be disappointed!

Good Bets

Mendes/Poirier Parlay. 3 units at 1.98 (-102). (+2.94 units)
Iaquinta over Masvidal. 2 units at 2.00 (+100). (+2.00 units)
Stallings over Jones. 2 units at 2.18 (+118). (+2.36 units)

Lost Bets

Maynard over Yakovlev. 3 units at 2.10 (+110). (-3.00 units)

Event Record: 3-1
Event Profit: +4.30 units

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