UFC Fight Night 64: Gonzaga vs Cro Cop II Fantasy Preview

We’re now just a few days away from UFC Fight Night 64: Gonzaga vs Cro Cop II and our free betting tip has already been released. If you have yet to sign up on Draft Kings, this post probably won’t be that useful for you, but you are also still eligible for our 30 days of free betting tips promotion! Why would you want our betting tips? Well if you are a $100 per unit bettor, you’d be up almost $2,500 so far in 2015 which is a return of over 22% on every dollar you bet! This is all detailed in our Track Record as well as officially tracked by a third party on our CapperTek profile. A couple notes about this week’s fantasy games on Draft Kings: stats will only be provided post-event so standings won’t be updated until the event is over and the event kicks off at 11:45 am ET since it will be live from Krakow, Poland.

Must Have Favourites

1. Gabriel Gonzaga – We think Gonzaga gets the job done against the returning Mirko Cro Cop. Not often enough that we thought it was worth a bet, but often enough and in devastating enough fashion that he is worth the price of $10,500. You honestly may want to have both Gonzaga and Cro Cop on some of your fantasy teams to take advantage of the fact that whichever way this goes it likely ends early (as we are counting on with our free tip).

2. Taylor Lapilus – The 8-1 newcomer Lapilus takes on another newcomer, the 3-0 Rocky Lee. These two are pretty much unknowns, but we are banking on the fact that Lapilus’s ground skills are good enough to get a quick submission on his inexperienced opponent. At $10,700 and as a decent sized betting favourite, Lapilus is a decent leg on your team.

Potential Underdogs

1. Anthony Hamilton – It’s never a bad idea to have a heavyweight who has KO power on your fantasy team. The fight between Hamilton and Omielanczuk is really a toss up in our opinion, but the more value for your Draft Kings team comes from Hamilton because he comes at a decent price tag of just $9,300.

2. Yaotzin Meza – Another good strategy for your Draft Kings teams is to generally pick the UFC vet over the debuting relatively unknown fighter. Yaotzin Meza fits that criteria as he is taking on Damian Stasiak. Stasiak is 8-2, but has primarily fought on the regional scene. Meza probably doesn’t get the stoppage, but the odds of him taking a decision are pretty good.

We’ll leave the rest of the lineup up to you, but if you choose to include the 4 guys we’ve recommended here, we think you’re in good shape to make some cash on Saturday! You could also buy our tips on CapperTek to see where our likely 4-5 bets will be coming on this card! Good luck with whatever you decide to play.

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