UFC 186: Johnson vs Horiguchi Fantasy Preview

UFC 186: Johnson vs Horiguchi goes down this Saturday from Montreal, Canada. Rumor has it they will be closing off the upper deck due to slow ticket sales and it’s not all that surprising given the fights that have been pulled from the card. The main card initially featured Dillashaw/Barao II, Johnson/Horiguchi, Rampage/Maldonado AND Bipsing/Dolloway. Just 2 of those fights remain and while the card would probably make a pretty decent fight night card on Fox Sports 1, it just isn’t pay-per-view calibre. No matter though, we still have a free betting tip for the event and will be posting 4 underdog picks tomorrow night exlusively for our Cappertek subscribers. Besides the last two weeks, 2015 has been extremely kind to us so we are hoping for a huge bounce back this Saturday! This post will focus on the fighters we think are the best to have on your Draft Kings teams for Saturday’s fights.

Must Have Favourites

1. Demtrious Johnson – One of the best pound for pound fighters in the world should have a relatively easy night when defending against the number 7 flyweight fighter in the world. Johnson will not hold his title forever, but we are very confident he doesn’t lose it to Horiguchi. This being in the flyweight division, Johnson may even be able to break 100 points on his way to a decision. At $11,400, Johnson’s salary is actually pretty reasonable consider he is a 1.10 (-1000) favourite on the betting boards.

2. Patrick Cote – This pick probably isn’t all that surprising given the fact that we have both Cote and Johnson in our free parlay. Cote’s salary will not break the bank and will even allow you to fit another guy with a $10,000+ salary should you find some cheap underdogs to include on your team. We are pretty confident Cote will defeat Riggs and pick up at least 50-75 points for your team. If he scores a finish that would be absolutely awesome!

Potential Underdogs

1. CB Dolloway – If you believe Michael Bisping is on as big of a decline as many people suspect, adding Dolloway to a bunch of your teams for the price of $9,200 is a no brainer. Dolloway is a guy who has been improving a lot in his recent fights and may be able to find a home for a big TKO strike. Especially if Bisping is having any trouble seeing out of his bad eye.

2. David Michaud – It’s hard to see Michaud actually defeating Aubin-Mercier. The good thing about him is he likely survives to a decision and his $8,400 salary hit likely frees you up to pick some more favourites! We expect most of the time that Michaud will pick up 10-20 points. Add Michaud to some (not all) of your teams to take advantage of his low salary and cross your fingers for a decision win!

That’s it for our UFC on Fox 15: Machida vs Rockhold fantasy preview! We’ll leave it up to you to pick your last fantasy team member for your Draft Kings teams. Remember to sign up for our full betting tips on Cappertek if you want access to our 4 underdog bets that will be coming out tomorrow night!

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