UFC Fight Night 66: Edgar vs Faber Betting Results

UFC Fight Night 66: Edgar vs Faber went down yesterday morning from Manila, Philippines and while it wasn’t the greatest card either on paper or in execution, there were definitely some entertaining moments. From a betting perspective, we ended up making more than 5 units on the night which felt great considering we were on a roll going into April, had a bad month, and have since bounced back very well in May. You can always check our full results either in our track record or by visiting our CapperTek profile. You can also purchase our bets at CapperTek for what will likely be the second best card of the year in UFC 187: Johnson vs Cormier which goes down next week from Vegas and also coincides with international fight week. We are still also offering 30 days of our bets for those who sign up and deposit at Draft Kings and then follow these steps.

We didn’t have a bet on the main event, but we did expect Frankie Edgar to win. We did feel that Urijah Faber may be underrated by the betting public, but we were pretty much proved wrong as Edgar dominated pretty much from bell to bell. As many people had speculated pre-fight, Edgar’s speed and volume proved to be too much for the “California Kid”. It was a very impressive performance by Edgar and likely sets him up for a featherweight title shot later this year.

Our last bet of the night was on Mark Munoz to defeat Luke Barnatt in his retirement fight. The Filipino Wrecking Machine looked great in his final fight, beating Barnatt on the feet, but dominating in the grappling department. Munoz landed a total of 9 takedowns through 3 rounds and when he got Barnatt down he landed some vicious ground and pound. The judges scored it correctly in favour of Munoz and we profit 5 units on our 4 unit bet! Following the fight Munoz gave a retirement speech and left his gloves in the Octagon in one of the coolest moments we’ve seen while watching UFC over the years. It was really awesome to see a fighter go out with a win rather than being on the wrong end of a knockout.

In the fight before Munoz/Barnatt, we had a bet on Neil Magny to defeat Hyun Gyu Lim. Our bet here was also a free play for 3 units at 1.86 (-116). The early going was pretty scary as Lim landed some good strikes on Magny and seemed to have Magny hurt. Besides those dangerous moments though, Magny did what he needed to do to pick up the victory. He used some impressive grappling in round 2 to get Lim down and ground and pound his way to a TKO victory. We profited 2.58 units.

Our lone lost bet of the night was on Roldan Sangcha-An to defeat Jon Delos Reyes. Considering we got Sangcha-An at 2.65 (+165), we don’t regret this bet at all. The fight was a back and forth war with both guys having various chances to get the finish. It ended up not going our way this time though as Delos Reyes was able to lock up a rear naked choke mid-way through the second round. We lost our 2 unit bet. This fight ended up winning fight of the night which is particuarly impressive considering how early on the card it was.

The net result on the night was 2-1 for +5.58 units. It’s a great result for us and helps to validate our new strategy of placing 4 unit bets on underdogs who we’re more confident in. Remember to grab one of our bets packages from CapperTek to make some money of next week’s UFC 187: Johnson vs Cormier.

Good Bets

Munoz over Barnatt. 4 units at 2.25 (+125). (+5.00 units)
Magny over Gyu Lim. 3 units at 1.86 (-116). (+2.58 units)

Lost Bets

Sangcha-An over Delos Reyes. 2 units at 2.65 (+165). (-2.00 units)

Event Record: 2-1
Event Profit: 5.58 units

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