UFC 189: Mendes vs McGregor Betting Results

What a night of fights it was! Conor McGregor proved all the doubters wrong (including us) by finishing Chad Mendes late in the second round of their fight. Additionally, in one of the best welterweight fights we have ever seen, Robbie Lawler defeated Rory MacDonald via TKO in the fifth round of their co-main event title fight. In terms of our bets, we went 2-1 overall for a profit of 3.60 units! A good night overall to kick off a busy month of July where we’d be happy to even earn half of what we did in June! By the way, if you’re interested in getting all our long term winning bets, sign up at CapperTek.

Our final bet of the night was our free tip as we ended up with 6 units total on Chad Mendes to defeat Conor McGregor. We initially placed the bet before the fight became official as we put 4 units on Mendes at 1.87 (-115) expecting the line to get worse throughout the week. We were completely wrong about how the line would move as the line flipped and McGregor became a decent sized favourite. Because we still felt strongly that Mendes would win, we put 2 more units on him at 2.60 (+160). Mendes surprisingly closed as a 2.70 (+170) underdog. Things looked bad early in round 1 as Mendes seemed to struggle with McGregor’s length. That changed once he got a takedown. He was able to hold McGregor down and land some damage. Round 2 saw an early takedown by Mendes and Mendes held him down for most of the round. Unfortunately for our bet, McGregor was able to get out of it late in the round and he teed off on a visibly tired Mendes. Eventually Mendes went down and McGregor pounced with even more strikes. The ref stepped in and our 6 units went up in flames.

Our second bet of the night was on the welterweight champ, Robbie Lawler to retain his title in a bout against challenger Rory MacDonald. The bet was 2 units at 2.60 (+160), but like all our bets at UFC 189, by fight time it had dropped significantly to 2.40 (+140) or so. It was a wild wild fight for the title! The first round was very close. We gave it to Lawler because we felt his strikes were slightly more damaging. Round 2 was more clear for Lawler as he won the striking exchanges and had MacDonald’s face covered in blood. Round 3 and 4 went the other way as MacDonald appeared to land the more damaging strikes including a head kick in round 3 that stunned Lawler. It all ended in round 5 as Lawler came out on fire and apparently broke MacDonald’s nose with a jab that cause MacDonald to turtle. With the Lawler win, we profit 3.20 units.

Our first bet of the night was a 4 unit play on Gunnar Nelson to defeat Brandon Thatch. We bet it at 2.60 (+160) and the money rolled in on Nelson on fight day, taking him down to 2.35 (+135). It didn’t take long for Gunnar Nelson to land a beautiful combination that sent Thatch to the mat. Nelson was dominant on the ground against a woozy Thatch, jumping from guard to side control to mount in quick succession and eventually getting the back and locking up a rear naked choke. We profit 6.40 units on our 4 unit bet.

That’s it for our bets at UFC 189: Mendes vs McGregor! We’re hoping to continue our winning streak with the other 3 events this week and you can join us by signing up at CapperTek. Remember to also follow us on Twitter and Facebook for all our latest updates!

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