Reebok Crossfit Lifter Plus 2.0 Shoes Review


As a new Reebok affiliate, I was offered a Reebok product to try out and write a review about. As someone who has spent the last 10 or so years working out pretty hard I went with the obvious choice, a lifting shoe. What did I think of it? Find out below.


The shoes fit decently well. I probably have close to 12.5 feet, but usually go up a size to account for the fact that my feet are really wide. I had no issues with width in the size 13 I ordered and the U-form instructions were very simple to follow. The one gripe I do have about the shoes, and this could just be a result of them being slightly to long is my heel doesn’t always feel secure in the back of the shoe. It almost feels like it could slip out, although it never has.


My first workout in the shoes was a lower body lift session with a lot of single leg work including Bulgarian split squats, single leg Romanian deadlifts and dumbell swings. Having primarily used running shoes/sock feet in the past, the thing I noticed immediately was the support the platform at the back of the shoe provides while lifting. I had no trouble balancing with slightly more weight than usual on the split squats and deadlifts. The platform was also nice for the dumbell swings. I was also able to do some cardio work, using the Jacob’s ladder for a short cardio session. The shoes held up well on that machine, but I wouldn’t recommend trying to run in them. Obviously, they are lifting shoes so if you plan on doing a ton of running they probably aren’t your best bet.

Second workout was an upper body day and it was probably overkill to wear the Lifter Plus shoes as they really seem to be built more like an Olympic lifting shoe than your typical running shoe. I didn’t end up doing any Olympic style lifts so while the shoes functioned perfectly well for what I was doing (bench, overhead press, push ups, rows, etc), they probably aren’t really necessary for upper body days.


Not being a person who typically worries too much about what they look like in the gym, these shoes are more flashy than anything I would typically wear. The camo with orange that I went with are one of the brightest pairs and you can probably find a pair that suits your style on the Reebok website. Just because they’re flashy though doesn’t mean they’re not pretty cool looking lifting shoes. Of the lifting shoes out there, I think Reebok has done pretty well in styling these.

Overall Impression

The shoes are very functional. They’re more flashy than something I would typically wear, but they definitely pack a “cool” first impression. If I were to rate the shoe out of 10, I’d probably rate it an 8. There’s nothing that necessarily jumps out at me as poor, but I also want to leave some room for improvement. 🙂 Interested it getting a pair? Get them here.

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