UFC 190: Rousey vs Correira Betting Results

It was another profitable night for the fight predictor as we went 3-4 on our bets for a profit of 1.80 units. We also went 1-1 on our WSOF 22 bets, but accidentally bet 2 units on Mike Kyle who lost so the net result was a 4-5 night for a 1.25 unit profit. On a night with some relatively unpredictable fight outcomes, we were happy to come away with a small profit. This also kicks off another month in the green to make us 6 for 8 profits so far in 2015. We’ll look to keep it going with 4 plays planned for next week’s UFC Fight Night 73: St Preux vs Teixeira. You can get all our bets on our CapperTek page.

Our final bet of the night was another bet on a TUF final as we had 4 units on Fernando Bruno to defeat Glaico Franca at 2.60 (+160). By fight time the line had climbed to 2.80 (+180). Round 1 was Franca’s for sure as he controlled most of the round that was primarily fought against the cage. It wasn’t looking good after round 2 as although Bruno got Franca down for a short period of time, Franca ended the round on Bruno’s back going for chokes. It was 20-18 Franca after 2. Unfortunately this one didn’t go our way as Franca was able to lock up a choke after Bruno gave up his back. We lose our 4 unit bet.

Our next bet was another 2 unit play on the first of the TUF finals. We had 2 units on Reginaldo Vieira to defeat Dileno Lopes at 3.85 (+285). Round 1 was very fun in this fight as both guys had tight guillotines at one point and both guys landed a lot of damaging strikes. We had it 10-9 Vieira after 1. Round 2 was pretty close, but a late takedown by Lopes gave him the round on our score card and it was 19-19 after 2. Round 3 was the most clear of the fight in our opinion. Based on the ground and pound Vieira had leading up to the bell, we had him winning 29-28. Somehow 2 judges had it 30-27 Vieira and 1 saw it the same as us, meaning our 2 unit bet at 3.85 (+285) cashed for a profit of 5.70 units!

Our third bet of the main card was a 2 unit on bet another heavyweight as we had Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira to defeat Stefan Struve. We got odds of 2.45 (+145) and by fight time they had gone slightly upward to 2.60 (+160). Round 1 was relatively close with both men rocking each other a few times, but Nogueira having more control. We had it 10-9 Struve based on damage. Big Nog was able to get a takedown in round 2, but other than that the fight was pretty close. We had it 19-19 heading to 3. Round 3 was all Struve as he controlled the action on the feet and avoided almost all of the takedowns of Nogueira save for a brief moment when Nogueira got him down. We had it 29-28 Struve going to the judges. All 3 judges had it 30-27 for the Skyscraper Stefan Struve and we lose our 2 unit bet.

Our second bet of the main card was another 2 unit bet as we had 2 units on Antonio Silva to defeat Soa Palelei. Our bet was at odds of 2.85 (+185) which was pretty much where the line was heading into the fight. The other bet we had depending on this fight was our free parlay which was set to win if this fight lasted less than 2.5 rounds. Round 1 was pretty close besides the last minute where Soa got Bigfoot down and landed some ground and pound. It was 10-9 Soa heading to 2. Silva looked to be the fresher fighter early in round 2, landing a damaging uppercut that caused Palelei to cover up in the corner. Several more huge punches and Palelei went down. We profited 3.70 units on our Silva bet and 2.40 units on our free parlay.

In the first fight of the main card, Claudia Gadelha was fighting Jessica Aguilar in the women’s strawweight division. Our money was on the underdog Aguilar and we had 2 units at 4.75 (+375). The odds dropped slightly to 4.55 (+355) leading up to the fight. It didn’t take long to see that Gadelha had a huge advantage, repeatedly landing very hard strikes to Aguilar’s face. It was pretty obvious that all 3 rounds went Gadelha’s way and we lost our 2 unit bet.

Our first straight bet of the night was a 2 unit play on Rafael Cavalcante to defeat Patrick Cummins in their light heavyweight fight. We got odds of 2.50 (+150) and it was pretty similar as the fight was about to start around 2.60 (+160). Round 1 saw Cummins control most of the action against the cage including landing several takedowns, but not really controlling on the ground. Round 2 started pretty well with Feijao landing a couple good strikes. Problem came when Cummins took him down and held him down for most of the round. It was a pretty clear 20-18 Cummins after 2. In round 3, Cummins was able to complete his task, getting Feijao down early and finishing with elbows. We lost our 2 unit bet.

Our first betting action of the night was the first leg of our free parlay where we had Iuri Alcantara to defeat Leandro Issa. Alcantara was a decent sized favourite when we placed the bet and virtually the same leading up to the fight. Round 1 was easily Issa’s as although Alcantara won the striking early, he went to the ground with his BJJ champion opponent and was dominated for over half the round with Issa on top. Round 2 was much much better as Alcantara kept it standing and stunned Issa with several of his strikes. It was a clear 19-19 fight heading to the third. Alcantara also fought smart in round 3 and kept it on the feet where he battered Issa. We had it as a pretty clear 29-28 for Alcantara. All 3 judges saw it for Alcantara and leg 1 of our parlay was good.

That’s it for our UFC 190: Rousey vs Correira results! Remember to follow us on Twitter and Facebook for all our latest updates and on Cappertek for all our bets!

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