UFC Fight Night 74: Holloway vs Oliveira Draft Kings Lineup

We’re just a couple days away from UFC Fight Night 74: Holloway vs Oliveira and we’re here to bring you our Draft Kings fantasy lineup for the UFC’s first foray into Saskatchewan, Canada. In addition to this post, we also released our free betting tip earlier this week and we plan to release 6 more bets to our Cappertek profile late this week. Alright, without further adue, lets get into the fantasy lineup!

Max Holloway ($10,400) – We expect Holloway to win this fight the majority of the time. As a high volume striker in a 5 round fight, even if he is unable to finish Charles Oliveira, he should be able to earn 60-80 points or so in a decision. At $10,400 against the salary cap, he is will worth having on your team.

Erick Silva ($10,600) – It is very likely that this pick is either a boom or bust as Silva likely either wins in round 1 or loses a decision. We think more often than not Silva will be able to find Magny’s chin in the first round and capitalize with strikes or a submission to get the first round finish. At $10,600, he is not too far about the $10,000 you need to average to fit a team under the cap so we think this is a good value play.

Sam Stout ($9,700) – We expect Stout to be significantly better than his opponent Frankie Perez. That is why we made him a 4 unit free betting tip so obviously, it makes sense to pick him in the fantasy portion of the night. His most likely path to victory is a decision, but a TKO or submission wouldn’t be overly surprising.

Nikita Krylov ($9,500) – Like Silva, this is a boom or bust pick, but keep in mind this team is aiming to win big tournaments and not just trying to scrape out small profits in Draft Kings various expanded payout formats. You’ll need to find guys like Krylov who are either going to earn you 100+ points (more likely) or ~0 points (less likely). So add Krylov to your team and hope for a first round sub or TKO which is very possible against Rogerio De Lima.

Chris Kelades ($9,300) – This is the most attractive option for what we can still afford on the board and we see it either as a decision loss (more likely) or decision win (less likely). Even in a decision loss, we think Kelades can pick up 15-30 points against Chris Beal who we think is slightly overrated from his time on TUF. Add Kelades, but you can pretty much sub in any remaining guy you can afford depending who you think will do best.

That’s it for UFC Fight Night 74: Holloway vs Oliveira Draft Kings fantasy team! Remember to buy our bets at Cappertek to see the 6 bets we plan on releasing on Friday or Saturday. Also remember to hit us up on Twitter and Facebook to discuss our team!

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