UFC Fight Night 74: Holloway vs Oliveira Betting Results


We came into UFC Fight Night 74: Holloway vs Oliveira with a 10.75 unit loss so far on the month of August and high hopes that we could redeem most, if not all of that loss to still make it out of the month with a win. It was not to be although the results from tonight in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan definitely went in our favour. Overall, we went 5-3 on our bets for a big profit of 8.70 units. The night will go down as one of the better nights in our history and we’ll happily take the boost to our bankroll. Remember, to get in on all our bets, sign up at Cappertek. The next event we’ll have bets for will be UFC 191: Johnson vs Dodson which goes down Saturday, September 5 from Las Vegas, Nevada.

Our final bet of the night was on long time UFC competitor Patrick Cote who was welcoming Josh Burkman to the Octagon for the third time in his second stint. The bet was 2 units at 2.15 (+115) and by fight time you could do as well as 2.50 (+150) as the public chased their losses from earlier in the night. Round 1 saw some pretty wild exchanges, but we had Cote getting the best of it and leading 10-9 heading to the second. Round 2 would have been Cote’s for sure had he not been taken down by Burkman mid-way through. Even though he wasn’t held down long we were a bit worried it may have tipped the scales. Round 3 saw the most wild exchange of the fight as Cote covered up against the fence. Eventually Cote was able to land a huge punch that sent Burkman to the canvas. Cote followed up with relentless ground and pound eventually forcing the ref to step in. We profit 2.30 units on our 2 unit bet.

Our second last bet of the night was on a pretty big underdog as we had Francisco Trinaldo to defeat Chad Laprise. We made the bet at 4.00 (+300), but the line climbed to 4.90 (+390) leading up to the fight. It looked pretty even on the feet, but a brutal left hand by Trinaldo sent Laprise reeling and eventually forced Laprise to pull guard. Once on top, Trinaldo reigned down ground and pound until Laprise gave up his back where Trinaldo made no mistake continuing to gnp until Herb Dean stepped in. We profit 6.00 units.

Our fifth bet of the night and first of the main card was a decent sized underdog as we had 2 units on Tony Sims to defeat Olivier Aubin-Mercier at 3.05 (+205). The line actually dropped slightly leading up to the fight as presumably some smart money went down on Sims. We knew going in that Sims best shot was to use his boxing to either TKO Aubin-Mercier or to keep it standing for 3 rounds and win the striking battle. Round 1 definitely didn’t go our way as Aubin-Mercier wasted little time in getting a takedown and taking Sims’ back. Round 2 also saw OAM dominate the wrestling and grappling and little time spent on the feet. There was little reason to believe this wasn’t going to be a 30-27 decision for OAM going to the third. In the third, OAM once again had enough control to easily give him the round. We lose our 2 unit bet.

Our fourth bet of the night was also our free betting tip as we had 4 units on Sam Stout to defeat Frankie Perez at 2.00 (+100). We were a little early as this line quickly jumped to 2.18 (+118) and stayed around that level throughout the week. Sam Stout’s chin is apparently completely gone as Perez dropped him with a short strike and capitalized with ground and pound to win by first round TKO. We lose our 4 unit bet.

Our third bet of the night was another 2 unit play as we had Yves Jabouin to defeat Felipe Arantes. We placed the bet at 2.85 (+185), but it had climbed to 3.15 (+215) by fight time. The bet looked great in the early going as Jabouin did very well in the wrestling and grappling landing a couple takedowns and staying in top position as well as winning a few scrambles. Unfortunately, Arantes was able to catch Jabouin in an arm bar towards the end of the first and Jabouin was forced to tap. We lose our 2 unit bet.

Our second bet of the night came right after the first as we had 2 units on Nikita “Al Capone” Krylov to defeat Marcos Rogerio De Lima. We got odds of 2.30 (+130) and it jumped as high as 2.55 (+155), but came back down to the 2.30 (+130) or so level before the fight began. Krylov’s kicks looked on point early as he landed several to the body and head of De Lima while avoiding taking any major strikes from De Lima. De Lima dropped twice for guillotines and seemed to use all his energy trying to finish, but was unable to. Once Krylov got out of the second one and was on top, he landed some ground and pound and eventually took the back of De Lima, locking up a rear naked choke before the end of the first round. Our bet wins and we profit 2.60 units.

We opened the night with a 4 unit bet on the first televised prelim. We had Chris Kelades to defeat Chris Beal and got odds of 2.45 (+145). The odds didn’t move much in the 24 hours between when we placed the bet and when the fight kicked off. Round 1 was pretty clearly Beal’s. Kelades went for takedowns, but Beal was getting the best of the wrestling spending most of the round in top position. Kelades lone bright spot were some downward heal strikes to Beal’s calf on the ground and we were hoping that would pay off in round 2. Round 2 saw Kelades start to get it going. He won the striking by a slight margin, but also had much more control than Beal. Beal had the advantage early on in the third round. Kelades landed a takedown straight into mount, but Beal was able to reverse position and hold top control for the first half of the round. When they were standing again, we gave Kelades the slight advantage, but we didn’t think it was enough to justify giving him the round. We had it 29-28 Beal, but were hoping for a decision in favour of Kelades. We got lucky with the judges as 2 of 3 awarded it to Kelades and we profit 5.80 units.

Overall, it was a solid night of bets with a net result of 5-3 for +8.70 units. Remember to get all our bets from Cappertek and to follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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