UFC 191: Johnson vs Dodson II Betting Results

UFC 191: Johnson vs Dodson II was a relatively light night of betting for us. For the most part we expected the favourites to be able to pull through, but we weren’t confident enough to pull the trigger. Keeping it to just 3 bets for 6 units total appeared to be the right decision as we ended up slightly up on the night and we can save our big betting nights for the times we feel more confident! You can check out our full results for UFC 191 or any other UFC event in 2015 via third party tracking site CapperTek. We have a couple weeks off now with the next event we will likely have bets on being Bellator 142: Dynamite on September 19, followed up the next weekend by UFC Japan: Nelson vs Barnett.

Our third bet of the night was just a 1 unit play on Corey Anderson to defeat Jan Blachowicz. We got odds of 2.25 (+125), but Anderson actually closed as a slight favourite. Round 1 was pretty even in the early going with a slight edge to Blachowicz, but Anderson got a takedown with about 90 seconds left and seemed to have done enough to take the round. Round 2 was huge for Anderson as he got an early takedown and spent 5 minutes beating up Blachowicz who was unable to do anything from the bottom. Round 3 was a carbon copy of round 2 with Anderson getting the early takedown and beating up a tired Blachowicz for 5 minutes. It was at least 29-28 Anderson if you gave Blachowicz the first, but we had it 29-28 Anderson. The judges scored it in favour of our bet, Anderson and we profit 1.25 units.

Our second fight with action was the first leg of our free parlay as we had 3 units on Felder and Demetrious Johnson to win their respective bouts at 1.56 (-180). The lines on both got significantly worse through the week so by fight time the parlay only paid 1.42 (-238). Round 1 of Felder/Pearson was close, but it looked like Pearson dropped Felder at the end of the round and potentially stole it. Round 2 and 3 were spent entirely on the feet and were very close. We scored it 29-28 Pearson giving Felder just round 2. The judges scored it 28-29, 30-27, 29-28 for Ross Pearson and we lose our 3 unit parlay bet.

Our first bet of the night was a 2 unit bet on Joe Riggs to defeat Ron Stallings at 2.50 (+150). Unfortunately, we placed the bet before knowing that Riggs had missed weight on his first attempt. The odds actually got significantly better following that closing around 3.00 (+200) at many books. Round 1 was pretty even in the stand up with Stallings landing some damaging jabs to Riggs’ eyes and Riggs getting a late takedown and landing some gnp that probably got him the round. In round 2, Riggs landed an early strike that knocked down Stallings and he stayed on top landing some nasty elbows. Eventually, Stallings landed an illegal upkick which grazed Riggs’ previously injured eye. Riggs was unable to continue and some confusion ensued, but Riggs was eventually awarded the fight via DQ and we profit 3.00 units on our 2 unit bet!

That’s it for our 2-1 for +1.25 unit night. Remember to follow us at Cappertek to get all our bets as well as Twitter and Facebook for all our latest updates!

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