UFC Fight Night 79: Henderson vs Masvidal Betting Results

It was an awesome way to start a Saturday morning as we managed a 14.50 unit profit and went 6-2 on our bets at UFC Fight Night 79: Henderson vs Masvidal which was live from Seoul, South Korea beginning at 5 AM ET. This more than makes up for the two straight losses we had at UFC 193 and UFC Fight Night 78 and keeps us on track for a massive year of profit! Congrats to all those who were able to tail the bets and we hope to bring you even more profit in the 3 events in early December!

Our first bet of the night was on the first fight of the night as we had the other Dong Hyun Kim to defeat Dominique Steele. Our bet on this one was 2 units at 2.15 (+115) which is exactly where the line closed. Steele actually dropped Kim very early in the fight and also landed some pretty big strikes, but Kim was right there, landing big strikes of his own as well. We thought it was pretty clearly 10-9 Steele heading to round 2. Round 2 was all Steele. He dropped Kim early ad stayed on top, reigning down punches and elbows for almost the entire round. We had it 20-18 Steele heading to the third and needed a Kim finish for our bet to cash. It wasn’t to be as Steele went for a takedown early in the round and Kim’s head bounced off the mat pretty hard. Kim was already out and took 3 more elbows from Steele. We lost our 2 unit bet.

Our second bet of the night was another 2 unit bet as we had Marco Beltran to defeat Guangyou Ning. We got odds of 2.60 (+160) which was slightly better than the line at closing of 2.45 (+145). We had round 1 going to Beltran, but they only landed about 1 strike apiece and Beltran manage a takedown at the end of the round. Round 2 saw Guangyou get an early takedown and land some ground and pound. Besides that not much happened so we had it 19-19 heading to round 3. Round 3 also had little action until the final minute when Beltran landed several hard knees. We had it 29-28 Beltran heading to the judges. 2 of 3 judges scored it the same way as us and we profit 3.20 units on our 2 unit bet.

Our third bet of the night was on Korean native Seo Hee Ham to defeat Cortney Casey. The bet was 2 units at 2.35 (+135). The line closed on Ham at 2.30 (+130). We had it 10-9 Casey after the first round as it was a crazy back and forth round, but the biggest strike landed was a head kick by Casey. Other than a knockdown by Casey, Ham landed the better strikes by a wide margin in round 2. We had it 19-19 heading to the third. Ham poured it on in round 3 landing a ton of devastating strikes on a tired Casey. We had it 29-28 Ham heading to the score cards. All 3 judges scored it 29-28 for See Heo Ham and we profit 2.70 units.

Our fourth bet of the night was on the flyweight co-main event of the prelims. We had 4 units on Mike De La Torre to defeat Yui Chul Nam at 1.95 (-105). There were some pretty wild exchanges in round 1 which De La Torre was getting the better of including opening up Nam above his eye. The grappling was pretty much a wash so we had it 10-9 De La Torre. Round 2 was much the same with a bit more stalemate grappling along the cage. We had it 20-18 heading to the third round. Round 3 was basically the same where Nam went for takedown after takedown, but couldn’t land it and De La Torre’s short left hooks landing while Nam threw wildly from the outside. We had it 30-27 De La Torre going to the judges. Somehow it ended up being a split decision, but 2 of 3 judges got it right and we profit 3.80 units.

The next bet was on the main event of the prelims as we had 4 units on Dongi Yang to defeat Jake Collier at 2.15 (+115). By fight time, the line had dropped slightly to 2.10 (+110). Round 1 was pretty back and forth with Collier getting a couple takedowns and even dropping Yang at one point, but Yang landing some pretty decent strikes as well. We had it 10-9 Yang heading to the second. In round 2, Yang landed a couple early strikes, but Collier locked up a tight guillotine. Yang was able to slip out and end up in top control. From top control, he reigned down some ground and pound before Collier attempted to lock up a leg lock. Yang broke free and continued to reign down ground and pound, forcing Herb Dean to step in. We profit 4.60 units on our 4 unit bet.

To kick off the main card, we had 2 units on Sam Sicilia to defeat Doo Ho Choi. The bet was 2 units at 3.10 (+210) and was also given out free to our email subscribers. If you want to subscribe for free bets in the future, subscribe to our email list. This fight was pretty crazy while it lasted. Doo Ho Choi dropped Sicilia early, but Sicilia returned the favour dropping Choi shortly after. It all ended when Choi dropped Sicilia for a second time and pounced on top, throwing ground and pound strikes until he finished the fight. We lost our 2 unit bet on Sicilia.

Our final underdog bet of the night was a 2 unit bet on Alberto Mina to defeat Yoshihiro Akiyama. We got odds of 2.45 (+145), but this one dropped dramatically leading up to the fight as it closed around 2.30 (+130). It was a pretty lacklustre first round. The only really memorable thing was leg kicks on both sides and Mina landing a late takedown. Round 2 looked to be going Akiyama’s way. He landed several damaging leg kicks, but a low blow by Mina seemed to turn things around. After a short break, Mina came forward aggressively and landing many hard strikes almost finishing the fight just before the bell. We had it 20-18 Mina heading to round 3. Round 3 was clearly Akiyama’s. It looked like Mina gave everything he had trying to finish in round 2 and had nothing left for the third. Luckily he survived to a decision which we had him winning 29-28.

Our last bet of the night was also our free tip. We had a parlay of 2 units for 1.65 (-153) across the co-main and main event. First up was Dong Hyun Kim to defeat Dominic Waters. Early in round 1, Waters decided to grapple with Kim. He was taken down relatively quickly and Kim got Waters in the crucifix. Ref Leon Roberts looked on as Kim landed punch after punch after punch and was eventually forced to step in. Kim wins via first round TKO and the first leg of our parlay was good.

The second leg of our free parlay was Benson Henderson to defeat Jorge Masvidal in the main event. Round 1 was relatively even and was entirely fought on the feet. We had Henderson winning it mainly based on dropping Masvidal at the mid-point of the round. It looked like Masvidal may have had the edge in round 2 until the very end when Henderson landed some strikes and repeated knees to the face of Masvidal. We had it 20-18 heading to round 3. It seemed like the tables turned slightly in round 3 as Masvidal actually landed a bit more volume and likely took the round. It was 29-28 on our score card for Benson going to round 4. Masvidal repeated his round 3 in round 4. He landed more strikes and even took Benson down at one point. We had it all coming down to the fifth. We had the fifth round going to Henderson as he outgrappled Masvidal for the entire round. 2 of 3 judges scored it in favour of Benson Henderson which was all we needed to close out our parlay. The net result is a win for Henderson and a profit of 1.31 units.

That’s it for our UFC Fight Night 79: Henderson vs Masvidal betting results! It was a great way to start a Saturday and we hope you were able to tail the bets! Next up is a 3 event weekend starting December 10 with UFC Fight Night 80: VanZant vs Namajunas and being capped off December 12 with UFC 194: Aldo vs McGregor. We have already released our free bet for UFC 194 and will be looking to release free bets for the other two events that weekend in the coming days. Remember to follow us on Twitter and Facebook for all our latest updates!

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