UFC Fight Night 81: Dillashaw vs Cruz Betting Results

UFC Fight Night 81: Dillashaw vs Cruz was one of our biggest profits of all time! We bet a total of 20 units and profited 21.74 units! An ROI of greater than 100% which is outstanding. So far in 2016 we have been absolutely on fire, bringing our followers over 30 units of profit and going 11-3 on our bets overall! Not only have our paid subscribers been making bank though, our free bets also both won bringing those who only follow our free plays over 4 units in profit as well! Next up, UFC on Fox 18: Johnson vs Bader which will be the final event of January, going down on Saturday the 30th.

It didn’t take long for the bets to get started as we had 4 units on Francimar Barroso to defeat Elvis Mutapcic to open the card. We got odds of 2.45 (+145) which was slightly better than the closing line of 2.40 (+140). It was a pretty poor first round technically. Both guys landed a couple shots, but Barroso took Mutapcic down halfway through the round and ground and pounded his way to the bell (no notable shots though and Mutapcic was landing elbows from the bottom). We had it 10-9 Barroso after 1. Things shifter further towards Barroso in round 2 as he landed several hard strikes one of which cut Mutapcic above the eye. Round 3 the tide shifted slightly toward Mutapcic. He appeared to be the fresher fighter and was the more effective striker although Barroso landed some shots as well. It was a clear 29-28 Barroso going to the judges in our opinion. Two judges actually scored it 30-27 Barroso and 1 scored it 29-28 and we win our first bet of the night for a 5.80 unit profit.

Our second bet of the night was a 2 unit bet on the second fight of the night. We had the debuting Joey Gomez at 2.90 (+190) to defeat Rob Font. In round 1, Font had a decent sized edge in the striking. Besides a shot or two he didn’t take much damage from Gomez and it was clearly 10-9 Font. Round 2 was basically the same with Font winning the striking and eventually landing a big left hand that stunned Gomez. Font followed up with vicious strikes against a defenseless Gomez forcing referee Herb Dean to step in. We lose our 2 unit bet.

Our next bet was the second of three 4 unit plays on the night as we had Luke Sanders to defeat Maximo Blanco. We got it at 2.05 (+105) and it closed slightly better at 2.10 (+110). Sanders striking looked excellent right from the start. He landed several big leg kicks as well as some hard punches. A strike sent Blanco to the canvas at one point, but Blanco caught Sanders rushing in and briefly got top position. Sanders was able to scramble out and eventually landed a devastating left hand that dropped Blanco again. This time he was able to get on top and finish the job. We profit 4.20 units on our 4 unit bet.

Next up was a bet on a fight between two guys moving from middleweight to light heavyweight. We had 2 units on Ed Herman to defeat Tim Boetsch in the co-main event of the prelims at 3.00 (+200). This line moved drastically in the hours leading up to the fight as Herman reached 2.50 (+150) at many books leading up to the fight. We gave Tim Boetsch the edge in round 1 as he landed some big strikes from distance. Herman’s best work was knees and elbows from the clinch. In round 2, that clinch work of Herman from the first proved to be prophesizing the finish as he landed a huge knee from the clinch to knock Boetsch out. We win around bet, this time for a profit of 4 units.

In the main event of the main card we had our third and final 4 unit bet. This time we were betting Patrick Cote to defeat Ben Saunders. We got odds of 2.10 (+110), but the money actually came in on Saunders late, driving Cote to as high as 2.35 (+135). Round 1 looked to be pretty even until Saunders landed a takedown and got in top position. A close arm bar allowed Cote to flip it over and he reigned down ground and pound for the last minute or so of the round. We had it 10-9 Cote after 1. In the second, Cote turned it up on the feet and landed a couple pretty damaging strikes. Saunders grabbed a clinch, but he took repeated uppercuts and went limp. On the ground, Cote landed repeated hammer fists and the referee was forced to step in. We profit 4.40 units on our 4 unit bet!

To kick off the main card, we had Francisco Trinaldo to defeat Ross Pearson. The bet was 2 units at 2.37 (+137) and the odds closed right around the same level at 2.35 (+135). Round 1 went pretty well for our bet. Trinaldo seemed to loosen up as the round went on landing some decent head kicks and punches. He capped it off with a big slam and we had it 10-9 Trinaldo. The second also saw Trinaldo wining on the feet and landing a bunch of knees and kicks to Pearson’s noggin. We had it 20-18 Trinaldo going to the third. We gave the third to Pearson although it was very close as Trinaldo took a lot of strikes, but also landed some hard ones of his own. Going to the judges we had it 29-28 Trinaldo and we felt it was fairly clear. All 3 judges scored it for our bet, Trinaldo and we profit 2.74 units.

Our final bet of the night was also our free bet for this event. We had Dominick Cruz to win the bantamweight title over TJ Dillashaw. It was a 2 unit bet at 2.30 (+130) which was slightly lower than where it closed at 2.41 (+141). We had it 10-9 Cruz after 1. He landed a few of the harder shots plus had Dillashaw’s back at one point. It was very close though in a round mostly contested on the feet. Round 2 was also contested almost entirely on the feet besides a couple brief takedowns by Cruz. We had it 19-19 heading to round 3. We gave Cruz round 3 given that he basically avoided almost all of Dillashaw’s strikes and landed some big ones of his own. It was 29-28 Cruz heading to round 4. Round 4 was one of the more clear rounds and we gave it to Dillashaw as he hurt Cruz with a kick and was more effective overall. Round 5 was again pretty close, but this time we gave the edge to Cruz meaning we had him winning a 48-47 decision. We were sweating the bet going to the judges, but 2 of 3 judges scored it in favour of Cruz giving us a 2.6 unit profit on our free bet!

That was it for our bets on the night. 6-1 for 21.74 which was basically all we could ask for! Stay tuned to our Twitter for all our latest updates. In the coming days we expect to release our free bet for UFC on Fox 18. We will also announce it on our Facebook.

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