UFC 196: McGregor vs Diaz Betting Results

UFC 196: McGregor vs Diaz just went down and what a crazy night it was! 8 underdogs won including Nate Diaz submitting Conor McGregor and Miesha Tate winning the women’s bantamweight title with a crazy come from behind rear naked choke late in round 5. In terms of our bets, we came away with a 1-2 performance for a 2 unit profit. Unfortunately, we cashed one leg in each of our two team parlays which obviously isn’t enough to bring home any dough. Anyway, a 2 unit profit on 7 units risked really isn’t too bad so we’re not going to complain. Next up is UFC Fight Night 85: Hunt vs Mir which goes down from Australia on Sunday, March 20.

The first fight with action from us was the second fight of the night between Jason Saggo and Justin Salas. Our bet was a 1.50 unit parlay between Saggo and Brandon Thatch. Early on, Saggo appeared to be winning the striking from distance. Salas got a takedown early, but that took him into Saggo’s world. Saggo reversed position and got on top. From top position he was in complete control eventually forcing Salas to give up his back where he reigned down strikes until Yves Lavigne stepped in. Leg 1 of our parlay in good.

Our lone straight play of the night fought in the main event of the Fight Pass card as we had Diego Sanchez to defeat Jim Miller. The bet was 4 units at 2.25 (+125). The money came in on Miller leading up to the fight driving Sanchez up to 2.60 (+160). Most people expected Jim Miller to take the first, but Diego actually took it pretty clearly. It looked to be going slightly in Miller’s favour, but Diego got a takedown mid-round and ground and pounded to the end of the round. Round 2 was fairly close, but late in the round it seemed like Miller took it with several hard knees to Sanchez’s head while holding a front headlock. We had it 19-19 going to round 3. In our opinion, Diego pushed the action and landed the better shots in round 3. He also scored a late takedown and was the fresher fighter. We had it 29-28 Sanchez going to the judges. All 3 judges agreed with us and we profit 5 units on our 4 unit bet.

The next fight we had action on was the main event of the prelims as we had Brandon Thatch to defeat Siyar Bahadurzada to close out a 1.50 unit parlay that had Jason Saggo from before. Round 1 looked to be all good as Thatch landed the better strikes and avoided Bahadurzada’s wild strikes. Unfortunately, when Thatch got a takedown he gave up top position to go for a guillotine. It didn’t work and Bahadurzada spent much of the rest of the round on top. We had it 10-9 Bahadurzada after 1. In round 2, Bahadurzada got an early takedown and another one after a stand up by the ref. It was fairly clearly 20-18 Bahadurzada after 2 rounds. Thatch looked completely exhausted after round 2 and couldn’t stop any takedowns in the third. Eventually Bahadurzada closed the deal with an arm triangle. We lose our 1.50 unit parlay.

Next up was our free parlay where we had Ilir Latifi to defeat Gian Villante and Holly Holm to defeat Miesha Tate. The first round in Latifi/Villante was pretty hard to score. Villante landed a bunch of hard kicks, but Latifi landed most of the hard strikes and controlled the grappling. We had it 10-9 Latifi after 1. Round 2 was pretty similar except it appeared Latifi avoided more strikes plus he got a couple big takedowns. We had it 20-18 Latifi, but the first round was pretty unclear. Round 3 was more clear than round 2 in our opinion. Latifi landed several big shots while also securing a late takedown. Villante did very little. We had it 30-27 going to the judges, but could also see 29-28 Latifi. The judges all scored it 30-27 and leg 1 of our parlay is good.

To close out the free parlay, we had Holly Holm to defend her title successfully against Miesha Tate. Round 1 saw Tate pretty unwilling to engage. Holm was still able to land more strikes and basically took no damage, but it led to a pretty slow round. 10-9 Holm after 1. Roud 2 was all Tate. She got an early takedown and made Holm look like a fish out of water on the ground. We had it 19-19 after 2. Round 3 was pretty similar to the first except with slightly more of an edge to Holm. Holm stopped 2 takedowns which was a big momentum swing as well. Round 4 was the most clear of the fight for Holm. She started to land combinations and completely stuffed Tate’s lone takedown attempt. The fifth round looked like more of the same, but unfortunately for our bet, Tate managed to take Holm down after a kick and immediately had her back. She took full advantage, locking up a rear naked choke and costing us 1.50 units.

So that was that for UFC 196. We come away with a decent 2 unit profit on our 7 units of bets, but we were very close to bringing home a lot more if one more of our parlay legs were able to cash. Remember to follow us on Twitter and Facebook for all our latest updates.

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