UFC Fight Night 85: Hunt vs Mir Betting Results

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UFC Fight Night 85: Hunt vs Mir went down last night from Brisbane, Australia and even though it lacked a lot of big fights, the fighters came through to make it pretty exciting. 5 of the 6 main card bouts ended inside the distance including a couple huge KOs. In terms of our bets, we walk away 2.60 units richer, but it could have been a lot more had our fighters been able to capitalize on their opportunities. There’s a few weeks until the next UFC event as UFC Fight Night 86: Rothwell vs Dos Santos goes down on April 10 and of course we’ll have some bets for you on that card!

Our first bet of the night was also our lone 4 unit bet of the night as we had Ross Pearson to defeat Chad Laprise at even money. The line didn’t move much leading up to the fight, closing at basically the same odds at most books. Round 1 was back and forth, with both guys landing a bunch of strikes, but Pearson seemed to land more damaging blows. Round 2 was basically the same. Incredibly technical striking, but staying very even with no guy clearly taking it. Round 3 was also the same with both guys throwing tons of strikes, but once again neither making it obvious they won. The sentiment on Twitter seemed to be Laprise took the third, but honestly we felt it could go either way. 2 of 3 judges scored it in our favour and we profit 4 units.

Next up we had “Filthy” Rich Walsh to defeat Viscardi Andrade. The bet was 2 units at 2.00 (+100). By fight time, the line had flipped and Walsh was actually a favourite at most books. Walsh appeared to clip Andrade a couple times early, but got taken down by Andrade. After not much happened on the ground and a quick standup, both guys exchanged. We had it 10-9 Walsh. Round 2 early on was all Walsh. He landed a devastating strike early on that sent Andrade to the canvas. He couldn’t finish with ground and pound, but continued to win the striking exchanges on the feet. There was a close choke for Andrade at the end, but we still had it 20-18 Walsh heading to the third. In round 3 Walsh couldn’t stop a takedown. Andrade controlled most of the action from top position and it was clearly his round. We had it 29-28 Walsh heading to the judges, but could have been 29-28 Andrade as the first round wasn’t clear. All 3 judges scored it 29-28 for Andrade and we lose our 2 unit bet.

Next up we had another 2 unit bet. This time in the women’s bantamweight division as we had Rin Nakai to defeat Leslie Smith. We got odds on Nakai of 2.45 (+145) which was better than where it closed around 2.15 (+115). It was a relatively back and forth fight with Smith winning the striking and Nakai winning the grappling. Round 1 was Smith’s and was on the feet. Round 2 was Nakai’s and was mostly on the ground. Round 3 was back and forth, but Nakai finished on top so it seemed like she might have edged it out. All 3 judges score it in favour of Smith and we lose our 2 unit bet.

In the second fight of the main card we had our biggest underdog of the night as we had 2 units on Steve Bosse to defeat James Te-Huna at 3.30 (+230). A bit of money actually came in on Bosse late driving him down to 3.25 (+225). As many expected, this one didn’t take long. Bosse landed a huge right hand early in the first knocking Te-Huna out cold. We profit 4.60 units on our bet.

Our first free play of the night was Johnny Case over Jake Matthews. We put 1 unit on it at 2.09 (+109) which was better than where it closed as Case became the favourite at many books. Round 1 was back and forth striking, but we gave a slight edge to Matthews given he landed the more damaging strikes in our opinion. Round 2 was Case’s as although he took a couple rough body shots that looked like they almost crumpled him, he managed to land 2 takedowns and took the round on our card. In round 3, Case looked like those earlier body kicks had sapped his gas tank. Eventually Matthews got his back and locked up a rear naked choke. We lost our 1 unit bet.

Our final play of the night was on the co-main event as we had Hector Lombard to defeat Neil Magny. The bet was another free play and was 1 unit at 2.25 (+125). Leading up to the fight, the odds on Lombard were close to even money. What a crazy fight it was. Early on, Lombard caught Magny with a strike that sent Magny to the canvas. He followed up with devastating ground and pound for basically the entire round. In round 2, Lombard was visibly tired and Magny took advantage landing several good strikes and eventually getting top position. From there he reigned down his own ground and pound for much of the round. It seemed like it was 18-18 heading to the third. Lombard was absolutely gassed to start the third and Magny took advantage, taking Lombard down right off the bat and ground and pounding to a TKO. We lose our 1 unit bet.

That was that for UFC Fight Night 85: Hunt vs Mir. Look for a free betting tip for UFC Fight Night 86: Rothwell vs Dos Santos in the next couple weeks. You can follow us on Facebook and Twitter for all our latest updates.

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