UFC Fight Night 87: Overeem vs Arlovski Betting Results

UFC Fight Night 87: Overeem vs Arlovski went down today and we took about a 2 unit loss and went 2-3 on our bets. Check out our recaps below.

The first fight we had action on was Kyoji Horiguchi vs Neil Seery. Horiguchi was the first leg of our free parlay. The bet was 2 units and also included the under 1.5 rounds in Antonio Silva vs Stefan Struve later on the card. Round 1 was all Horiguchi. He had a huge speed advantage on the feet, dropping Seery twice and landing some bombs on the ground. Round 2 was more of the same with Horiguchi controlling the fight completely and Seery only trying to land knockout blows with little success. It was at least 20-18 heading to the third for Horiguchi, but potentially 20-17 as well. Seery camme out strong and kept going for the whole third round, but he was just overmatched by Horiguchi who continued to land great combinations while Seery would land 1 shot at a time. It was clearly all 3 rounds for Horiguchi in our opinion, the only question was whether round 1 would be a 10-8.

Our first underdog bet of the night was a 2 unit bet on Reza Madadi to beat Yan Cabral. We got odds of 2.55 (+155) which was slightly better than where it closed around 2.45 (+145). Round 1 was fairly close, but unfortunately late in the round, Cabral got a takedown and took Madadi’s back. He wasn’t able to lock anything up, but it was good enough to win him the round. We scored a close round 2 for Madadi as he controlled most of the action plus landed a couple takedowns and was more effective in the striking. It came down to who would win round 3. In round 3 both guys looked gassed, but Madadi stuffed a takedown and Cabral looked spent. Madadi landed a huge uppercut and followed up to knock Cabral out on his feet. We profit 3.10 units on our 2 unit bet.

Next up we had another underdog bet. This time it was 1 unit on Gareth McLellan to defeat Magnus Cedenblad. We got odds of 3.50 (+250) which was a bit worse than the peak, but better than where it closed. Leading up to the fight, a ton of money came in on McLellan driving him close to 3.00 (+200) at many books. Round 1 was fairly even with Cedenblad landing the more damaging strikes, but McLellan landing the volume. We went with damage and gave Cedenblad the 10-9 lead after 1. Cedenblad landed a head kick early in round 2 which had McLellan seemingly out on his feet. Several more strikes from Cedenblad and the ref was forced to step in. We lose our 1 unit bet.

Our first bet of the main card was also our lone 4 unit bet of the day. We had 4 units on Francimar Barroso to defeat Nikita Krylov. We got odds of 2.75 (+175) which was a smidge better than where it closed at 2.70 (+170). Round 1 was pretty back and forth. Both guys landed some big strikes including some kicks from Krylov and some upper cuts from Barroso. We gave a tiny edge to Barroso. Unfortunately in round 2, an early takedown by Barroso was quickly reversed and Krylov got top position. From there, Krylov reigned down ground and pound, eventually forcing Barroso to give up his back where Krylov locked up a rear naked choke. We lose our 4 unit bet.

Our remaining action for the day was 2 bets on the same fight. To close out our free parlay, we had the under in Silva/Struve and we also had a 2 unit bet on Antonio Silva to defeat Stefan Struve at 2.80 (+180). By fight time, the line on Bigfoot was as high as 2.95 (+195) at some books. Struve landed a couple strikes early that rocked Bigfoot. Bigfoot dropped for a takedown and Struve made him pay unleashing a bunch of elbows. The ref decided to step in even though Bigfoot seemed like he was still fighting. We won our 2 unit parlay on the under hitting, but lose our straight bet on Bigfoot Silva. Net result is just under 2 units of profit on the under parlayed with Horiguchi and a 2 unit loss on Bigfoot.

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