UFC 201: Lawler vs Woodley Betting Results

We came up just short of a profit at UFC 201: Lawler vs Woodley. The card didn’t have a ton of hype behind it, but the fighter’s definitely delivered with some excellent fights and surprise results! Our net result was 2-2 for -0.42 units. We’ll be back next week for UFC Fight Night 92: Rodriguez vs Caceres. Our first bet has already been posted at Cappertek.

Our first bet of the night was also our free bet. We had 2 units on Jorge Masvidal to defeat Ross Pearson. We got odds of 1.49 (-204) which was much better than where it closed around 1.40 (-250). In round 1, Masvidal did an excellent job of using his range to land far more strikes than Pearson and avoid Pearson’s strikes. Round 2 was more of the same until Masvidal dropped Pearson with a left hook. He followed up with a bunch of ground and pound, but stopped when it looked like the ref was jumping in to stop the fight. The ref didn’t jump in and it gave Pearson time to recover. It was a clear Masvidal round and clearly 20-18 or even 20-17 in our opinion going to the third. Round 3 saw a somewhat inactive Masvidal taking a bit more damage from Pearson, but still slipping and landing counters most of the time. We had it 30-27 Masvidal going to the judges. All 3 judges scored it for Masvidal and we profit 0.98 units on our 2 unit bet.

Next up we had 2 units on Ed Herman to defeat Nikita Krylov in the televised prelims main event. We got odds of 2.85 (+185) which was worse than where it closed around 3.10 (+210). Round 1 was Krylov’s. He landed kick after kick after kick on Herman. Herman had a bit of success with his hands at times, but looked gassed at the end of the round. Herman didn’t last long in round 2 as a wild exchange where Herman was landing some good shots ended with a Krylov head kick that sent Herman face first into the canvas. We lose our 2 unit bet.

To kick off the main card we had 4 units on Ryan Benoit to defeat Fredy Serrano. We got odds of 2.15 (+115) which was better than even money where it closed. Serrano won the grappling in round 1, but Benoit stayed on his feet for enough of the round to land enough damage and control the action enough to win round 1. We gave round 2 to Serrano because he was able to hold Benoit down for significant periods and Benoit was landing less. Round 3 was weird with both guys getting takedowns, but both able to stand up as well. Benoit landed the far more damaging strikes on the feet. We felt it was fairly clearly 29-28 Benoit. Two of 3 judges scored it our way and we profit 4.60 units on our 4 unit bet!

Immediately following the Benoit bet we had another 4 unit bet. This time it was Francisco Rivera to defeat Erik Perez. We got odds of 2.00 (+100) and we locked this one in early in the week. Surprisingly, money went against us and Rivera got as high as 2.60 (+160) before closing at 2.35 (+135). Rivera landed several huge left hooks in round 1. Other than that, Perez had a lot of movement and a brief takedown, but didn’t land many notable strikes. Round 2 was Perez’s mainly on the back of a late takedown. Other than that, the striking was razor close as Rivera continued to land power shots while Perez landed volume. In round 3, both guys came out absolutely swinging. Unfortunately Rivera gassed himself out and Perez got a takedown and stayd on top until the end of the fight. We had it 29-28 Perez and only a gift decision would save our bet. The judges all scored it for Perez and we lose our 4 unit bet.

And that was it for UFC 201: Lawler vs Woodley. Close, but no cigar from a profit perspective, but a fun night of fights regardless. The loss snaps our 3 event win streak, but we’ll look to get a new one going in August with events almost every weekend!

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