The goal of The Fight Predictor is to bring you the best MMA betting tips on the net. Our edge on the sportsbooks is an advanced statistical model which tells us the more likely winner of an MMA contest. We take this information and combine it with tape study to determine which side, if any is worth betting on in a fight.

Our bets tend to be 1, 2, 3 or 4 units depending on how confident we are in the bet. We tend to use 1% of our betting bankroll to represent a unit, but you could go as high as 3% if you’re willing to tolerate the additional risk of going broke. (which up to this point with the succcess we’ve had in MMA betting would be incredibly unlikely)

Until January, 2015, we were exclusively tracking our record here. Since January, 2015, we have also begun having our track record verified on CapperTek where you can also purchase our paid betting tips. The number of betting tips we give out for a given UFC will vary. Sometimes we only find 2 or 3 spots we like while other teams we will bet as many as 5 fights, but a lot of this depends on the calibre of the fighters and how much value we see in the betting lines.

We are committed to providing you a completely transparent view of our service so if there’s something you think we should change to make our product seem more legitimate, be sure to let us know at the email noted below!

Happy Betting!

Email: info@thefightpredictor.com

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  1. Hello, we want you with us, we noticed you have been red hot at your sports picks. We have quite a bit of the Nation’s Best Experts posting their Best Bet with us daily. This helps them direct traffic to their site and we also add your direct link to our site.

    Why are we so successful?

    We have been around for over 8 years constantly plugin our site everywhere. We have Over a 1000’s daily gamblers visit our site. Also give out awards and banners to our expert of the month. We have been on Fox Sports Las Vegas Radio and other national radio shows. Our chat room helps with daily visitors and our contests drive the traffic. Plus our weekly newsletters to 1000’s are sent out along with top 5 standings.

    If you are interested it is totally free. Checkout some of the handicappers that posted picks today: https://t.co/uyLwQKmIFC

    Enjoy your day and Good Luck,
    BSPT Team

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